Bubbles vs Pearls

Simple is less complicated, not plain. I like to have a life full of colors, not just plain black and white.
From photography point of view, however, black and white images transmit different mood and messages. They are almost like silent languages, understated as they seem, they can actually convey intense feelings. I always believe that art is in the eyes of beholders.  And, the mood of the images has lots to do with the viewer’s mood.
I have been taking flower close-up shots. This is something that I won’t never get tired of. I can easily bend my knees and crawl down on the ground for hours and forgot about the time. Flowers are created for human being and other creature’s pleasure.  The beauty can be discovered in flowers are endless and they are work of art.
Some time ago, I thought to shoot something else other than flowers to give myself a break, or maybe a break-through for me to go out of my box, to explore other aspects of photography. I used my macro lens to take this photo and it reminds me of Lemon and Beer. I don’t drink much of anything. I usually just took a little sip out of my husband’s glass. I cannot tell you why I thought of beer.

Lemon and Beer

A hint of colors and a little bit of bubbles are what I like my life to be.  I don’t expect anything dramatic, I just want that fresh and simple colors with little twist of bubbles.  This picture is a good representation of ‘what’s in your mind?’, but I am not interested to share this intimate feeling of mine to everyone, I want it known only to my family and/or friends who would understand me through my photography.

Life Stream
Today I decided to revisit what I did and instead of lemon, I chose orange, something sweeter than lemon. I used flash for the shot, and the bubbles became like little pearls, beautiful and delicate pearls. The orange slice was floating. I let it go freely and it ended perfectly where I liked it to be.
The open space gives me air to breathe and the dense spots bring me excitement that I see the multitude is thriving.  I  never get tired of the yellow, blue and green. Red or pink are not my favorite, but it is a nice touch for the whole color scheme. How I am so excited myself by just looking at these colors?!!!  Orange slice is like a boat floating on water and it ends where the harbor is, down the stream. The pace is easy and peaceful. And, that is exactly what I want.

I am so obsessed with the pearls and the color scheme of this shot. Pink is not my favorite color, but
somehow I just love it here. That sharp pink and bold black lines keep calling me back to look at it, I hope you like it, too.

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