Full Circle

Reading and writing were what I like to do for fun before I started working to put myself through college. I always wanted to be a teacher and a writer. I thought that teachers have long summer vacations and that is when I can have more time to dive into my hobby.

After graduating from college, I went to a vocational high school to interview for a teaching job Instead, the principal offered me an English secretary position in his trading company. I was  young and enthusiastic.  Whatever opportunity came to my way, I took it. The switch from writing to trading has made me a business woman for decades. I began to travel around the world in my early 30’s and left my foot prints in many airports.  I was able to establish business relationships and opportunities from scratch and I gained confidence that I could thrive in the business world….

My own business lasted less than 10 years. I have since worked in several good-sized corporations managing new product development and even ended up as a handbag designer. I attempted to start up a new handbag business, but the sluggish economy scared me and I decided to put it on hold. Did I enjoy business because of Money? It is essential but not my primary objective.  People? Yes for true friendship, not that much because I am an introvert and not very verbal. Product? Yes! Creating new products and getting down the details to perfect them have always brought me satisfaction.

When I finally dismissed my desire to be in business, my yearning for creativity and my inner world were calling. I tried to learn drawing when I was young, but I seemed not be able to accomplish anything. I used to write in Mandarin, my home language, but now I have forgotten some of the characters and my second language, English, is barely covering my thoughts and ideas. God has given me a pair of good eyes and a liking for artistic forms of anything. Photography seems to be the only way that I can possess an image and transform it into a visual that I can view, review and express my thoughts.

Life is a full circle. I did not realize that I have taken so many pictures throughout the years while I was immersed in my business career. This new awakening to photography has brought me back to my original goal – to be in my INNER creative world. I am happier when I am exploring Nature, snapping my shots and working on them in my own quiet space.  I like to stay in touch with some of my friends, but not going out of my way to engage social networking.

Everyday when I looked out the windows or took a walk up the trails, I saw things and an environment that I desire to frame and bring them up on my computer screen to appreciate.  I have traveled a lot in my life and traveling is still on my bucket list. I cannot let go of dramatic scenery, a genuine facial expression (mad or sad or joyful), and a corner of unique architecture. I can get closer and closer to tiny vegetation and never get out of it. It is that intricacy, the undiscovered, and the mystery that a camera lens can fetch that satisfies my desire for artistic expressions.

Nature photography, Portraits, Events, Birds and Close-ups are my primary interests in photography.

Nature is created by its owner for our pleasure. There is endless treasure and beauty hidden if not explored, enjoyed and appreciated.  

I now have a grandson and the second one is on the way soon.  At this stage of my life, I am longing for our family to be together, including my siblings.  There are many precious moments that I like to capture. When my grandson did something really silly. My business-oriented sister burst into a laughter. I ran into my high school friends that I have not seen for decades. Casual portraits (not cheesy smiles) and Events are what I like.

Summer time is great to spend hours crawling down on the ground to do Macro shots.  It is my new discovery that even during freezing days, the white frost and icicles hanging on the limbs look so amazing. I cannot stop snapping away.  It is so cold, but I would rather triple my layers of clothes and pray for the frost to stay.  

In the last couple years, I have been taking pictures of my backyard birds. I love to observe their habits and personalities. Just very recently, I found out that my husband is also very interested in birds. While we have become bird watchers, our focus is on birds photography. He likes to take action shots of big birds and I like simple capture of birds when they were spying on me thinking my camera is a fatal weapon of some sort.

This is my first post, my fresh adventure.  Last year was my year of Birds, Bloom and Braxtyn (grandson). Most of my work was surrounding these three topics.  Below are some  of my pictures:

the Beloved Grandson

Lavender Dream

Red Cardinal (Maui, Hawaii)

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