For a long time, I have decided that simple is better and less is more.  I come from an old culture and I have seen enough old stuff, tradition, relics, finely-curved pieces of furniture, hand-painted porcelain and so on…
It is another cloudy and rainy day here. I like northwest, but I have to learn not to be dismayed by the weather. Rain or shine, business as usual. If outdoor photography is not as temping, do something inside. I started to go through my kitchen. Still lots of gadgets and my lazy Susan is also getting slower as it is heavily burdened again.
See why I want to get rid of old stuff and old burden?  When an old attitude gets on you, that is habit.  When old habit takes over your life and is not a positive one, we are recycling back to where I started. I need to impress Simplicity on my head and in my heart.
Odd enough, last night I had a nightmare about getting lost in a deserted street somewhere. I did not have my car, purse and my smartphone.  And, there was neither public phone booth nor business in this desolate area.  Well, I thought I could walk home to get my purse and phone, but I did not have key to get into the house.  In this age, no cell phone, out of luck. I cannot even call a locksmith to open the door and let me in.
Simple is good, but not overly simple. Still keep the needy things while letting go greedy things. I can remove quite a bit of clutters, but for sure I want to leave my cell phone alone.
Wanting to find something in the kitchen that I can photograph. I picked Fork.  Fork is simple but useful.
Table is ready.

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