Dream Ship

It was like a giant ship sailing towards me in a night when I was half sleeping.  The big engine of the ship was running and roaring… instead of blue water and white waves, I saw a bright pink blanket with hint of turquoise.  This pink seemed also to penetrate the body of the ship, and then, gradually, orange, yellow, green colors appear simultaneously. It is like a man-made rainbow.
Some part of the ship was rusty. I felt the weight of the heavy metal but I was even more overwhelmed by the stunning colors. I had never seen a ship as colorful and beautiful as this one.  Ship owners usually have thier favorite names on the body, not the colors.  Who would be so creative and powerful that even the ocean changed its colors?  There was certainly nothing like this here on earth.  Can it be sent from heaven? Or is it a newly-invented space ship that I had not seen in the movies?
There were rows of windows in three different sizes. Did the Beings inside also have different height? I thought they were all very uniformed and every movement of theirs was strictly governed by computers and scientific gadgets. They should be more like robots and robots are usually the same size.  What’s up with these long and skinny strips close to the bottom of the ship? Weren’t they afraid that water would pour in and get them wet and eventually the ship would sink?  Were these long strips designed for laser beams to go through? No, laser beams pierce through everything, and metal is nothing in comparson.
God can make Red Sea with dry ground for Moses to lead his people through, what things are impossible? I don’t mean that these Beings are as powerful as the supreme Creator, but they are more advanced than our human beings… and on and on. I noticed that I was in dozing mould but now I am awake.

Long time ago, I bought a stainless strainer that I barely used.  The shape is not conventional and I found it very little use in my kitchen. I almost took it to Goodwill, but I kept it eventually. And this strainer is what you are seeing here, my dream ship.  I dreamed a lot wanting to be someone when growing up and I am still dreaming.

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