Tie-Dye Fashion

Fashion and trends come and go.  We see them evolving every 3-5 years with color palette changes every year, but this tie-dye trend in Eugene seems never cease. Particularly in Saturday Market, the vendors and customers are both wearing tie-dyed clothing.  T-shirt is most popular for all and some women wear tie-dyed dress or skirts.  
Eugene Saturday Market is one hot spot on Saturdays.  It is crowded with people, fresh produce, arts & crafts, spice and honey and you name it.  I don’t usually come here to buy expensive organic everything. I am not willing to spend $6.00 (it must be more now due to inflation) for one dozen eggs just because someone only raised 5 chickens in their backyard. Or, pay $3.59 per pound for some odd-shaped tomatoes because they were ‘organically grown’. I believe that someone has given them love and care, but it is too much money for my taste. But, I never get tied of the fresh vegetables.

If I came to Saturday market, I was either looking for local crafts as gifts, or I came to purchase my favorite oyster mushroom which is not sold in regular grocery stores. On one of the very few trips I made, I brought my camera and I was aiming to take some tie-dye related pictures.  I don’t care for the booths where they sell multitude of tie-dye T-shirts, dresses and skirts.  I wish someone would design these garments a little bit and there is a better manufacturing technology to make these tie-dyed clothing, so they don’t always look like rags.

Patterns are fine, but I just don’t like the color combo on majority of the tie-dye clothes.  There are too many bright blue, green, orange, yellow and red colors.  I walked away from the clothing section and walked into the crowd. I stood by the traffic light scouting my targets.  What caught my eyes the most were the pedestrians and the customers, people who enjoyed showing off their tie-dyed outfits while strolling along the market. Check out our Eugene tie-dye folks.

Use my camera, silverware from kitchen and a sheet of gift wrapping paper, I have created my own tie-dye Fork, Spoon and Knives, my bit of tie-dye fashion that I can pick up.

It is only through photography that I have the luxury to amuse (or tease) myself with these colorful forks and spoons. I wonder if I can sell this set of silverware to my folks here in Eugene. Oh, no, I am thinking business again, no, I am just making these up for my own entertainment. They have no commercial value, for your eyes only.

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