Winter Retreat

One good couple friend has recently moved to Florida and the other couple has purchased their summer home in Cabo area.  They want to get away from northwest for the cold winter.
This winter here has been cold, freezing cold.  There were days that I simply did not step out of the door. I only made grocery runs. The chill could freeze our blood and made us lifeless.  My heart ached whenever I thought about those people who got astray in the woods under extreme weather and died.  Few years ago, a couple’s car was stuck on snow. The husband walked to get the help while the wife and kids remained in the car to stay warm, but he never came back. He died.  Really a sad story.  I had my share of car breaking down on snow and walking two miles to get help.  A father and daughter were out fishing and they picked us up on the way back.
My friends are tanning under the sun and taking in beach breeze.  I am here adding more clothes and looking for our stocking caps whenever we wanted to go out for a walk.  My friends are wearing T-shirts and shorts and we are wearing sweaters and jackets.  I grew up in tropical weather and I don’t particularly like heat, but I definitely don’t want to live like Eskimos. A spiritual master from my culture has taught us to stay cool by imagining a cold creek or stream running through it or think-snow.  I guess I should think of sun and burning camp fires in this weather.
It is a cold day today and I want to bring something warm to my mind. I was inspired to envision something tropical, something fire and a drink that will set me on fire…
There are palm trees hanging down from above. Beach fires are on background. The alcohol exhaled out from drinking tequila has torched the ocean red and sizzling bubbles are going down…

To have a winter retreat spot like this, I don’t have to buy an air ticket or spend the nights at hotels. All I used are a candle, an old tequila bottle with prints on it, and I poured sparkling water with salt to make the bubbles.

Warmth and relaxation came to me when I simply stared at this picture. I have all I need, a hot liquor (I don’t really drink, but just for boasting sake), ambiance fire, scarlet red ocean and the ultimate peace of mind.
Earlier when I complaint about freeze, I went out to take some pictures with frost on the vegetation and they looked so pretty with that extra layer of opaque texture.  I was afraid to walk on icy road, but I went on further when I saw the ‘crystals’ blanketed the plants and tree limbs.
Isn’t Nature magical? Your feeling is based on what’s in your mind. And,  you can really control what’s in your mind yourself.  It is not easy to do, but give it a try anyway.

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