Portraits of a grandson

Almost all the parents are proud of their own children and all the grandparents adore their grandchildren unconditionally. I was a business woman. Sewing, knitting and home crafts are just not my thing. I believe a traditional all-American grandmother would sit in front of fireplace knitting a five feet long blanket for a 20 inch grand child. Or, they would use their crafty hands fabricating the neatest Christmas ornaments. I don’t make them, I buy them, the quick fix.
People seem to think it is more precious if a mother or grandmother uses their hands to make something ‘special’ (because it is made using her own hands, needle by needle). I don’t quite agree to that.  I don’t love my grandchild less just because I don’t do home crafts.  I don’t spend time writing beautiful cursive on fancy journal or diaries. I write my journal in my computer and I use my own photos as visual illustrations.
With each photo taken, I have opportunity to perceive fine details and retrieve the stories behind it. It is amazing how much you can get out of a photo which not only fills in what’s overlooked and also portraits beyond the original intention of the shot.
It is an unusual week that I am putting aside my daily routine schedule because a second grandchild was born, and I am babysitting the first one.  Since I got more serious about photography, I don’t leave home without a camera, and it is hard to resist not to shoot everything. Shooting own portraits has somehow increased my interest in doing more portrait.  Grandson is around. Why not taking his portraits?

Except that with an extremely active boy, still shots are hard to come around.  When we shoot joggers or runners, we can set up panning shots.  When the little boy is running everywhere without a predicable route, I just have to grab my camera and snap whenever I see an opportunity.

This is an artistic shot for me. It was taken inside the house with sunlight shining through the window.  Smooth light. Grandson’s golden brown hair, chocolate shirt and taupe drapery backdrop are harmonious colors. But I did not discover this beautiful sepia color combination till I spotted the viewer.

I was determined to get this shot and I also hope to capture a calm emotion to echo the soft background.  However, my subject kept moving and I was getting blurry shots. How to keep him still for 5 seconds for me to snap the shot?  I handed him the Taxi that I just
got for him and was successfully to keep him still for a short while (the toy is new enough to keep him interested and he is attracted to the intricate parts of the car).

He was ‘driving’ the car back and forth on his bed, but the motion is not too extreme. I was able to take the shot with an ISO400.

Got him interested to try on different hats and let him look at the shots I took. He was amused by what he saw and became more willing to be my little model. Does little child also have self-awareness? I think so.  It is apparent that he is gaining interest in his outlook. Can you believe that he even posed for me?
I did not intend to take pictures under harsh sun, but I like what I see here.  Bright sunlight made him frown and the frowning portraited his tension and strong emotion. I just love the curved lines of his eyebrows and the lips.
He was outside the house in front of the window blind. I certainly like the subtle horizontal lines that balanced the strong facial expression.
Don’t mess with me.
Morning was cold, but he insisted to go out and push his wheelbarrow. I wanted to assure that he was warm, so I pulled his hood up.  
Backyard is a mini playground. There are swings, slides, Tonka trucks, baseball bats, basketball hoop, bicycles, garden tools, you name it. 
He was walking around and around, and I was looking for a cleaner background. When he stopped in front of the fence, I knew then, here came the timing. I like the ambiance and the color tone created under morning magical light.  Unexpected, the black horizontal lines on his hoodie was showcased by the soft vertical fences lines.

I came unprepared to shoot these pictures and I actually had myself fully entertained.

I can do it.

One thought on “Portraits of a grandson

  1. Missy A says:

    These pictures are gorgeous. I especially like the one with the hat … is he trying to be like you? Thanks again for sharing these wonderful photos! They are priceless…


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