Texture Friday

Ever since I know how to use Texture, I am addicted to it.  I can play with it hours and hours placing different textures on one image. It is fun by itself seeing how the images are being transformed and presented in so many different ways. Texture options are endless. You can also create your own textures.Besides, you can apply textures to everything, not just flowers. I am posting a few below, originals are on the left and textured one on the right.

Digital camera let us abundant freedom to take a lots of pictures and delete them as you please, but I am gradually tired of constant sitting in front of computer to delete pictures after pictures. I set myself a goal to be more selective about the targets in order that I don’t end up hundreds and hundreds of pictures each time to go through.  Be bold to experiment shots using different settings and shooting from different angles as well as under different light conditions, at the same time, be a bit more self-controlled and not to take the advantage of freedom.
Another thing I want to avoid is to lose my patience and delete the photos mindlessly sometimes.  Particularly when we can salvage some shots by adding texture and giving the images new definition or meaning.  Some images are simply too boring or too busy, and texture can either make it more interesting or minimize some background clutters. 

In most of the cases, just by adding texture alone, the image becomes more artistic. Ambiance is added to bright and wash-out images and give it more depth. There are many texture sites where you can get inspirations and sometimes freebies. I got some freebies and occasionally I also make some purchases in order to support these dedicated and giving artists. Many artists are so passionate about what they do, and so generous to share what they know. Unlike business world, monetary value is always taking priority place. I am so glad that I am not in business any more.

Downy woodpecker often reacted so quickly that for a long time, I did not have chance to get a decent shot. When I finally had my chance in a cloudy day, I did not have my perfect light setting at that quick second. Tree is dark and the bird is black. The image is not as crisp as I like it to be. Before I hit the ‘delete’, I decided to give it a small make-over. Now the tree does not look that shining and overpowering, and Mrs. Downy looks nicer with that classic backdrop added.
It is a Friday, I like it to be casual and easy.  I did not spend lots of time looking for the most dramatic texture for these shots, just some light touch, just to get my point across.

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