Friday Inspirations by Flowers

Tulip season is over. Iris is now blooming. Schriner Iris Garden (Salem, Oregon) is probably the best place to go for great varieties of Iris. The garden is set up in one location with rows and rows of stunning Iris as main attraction which are surrounded by many other beautiful flowers (poppies, peonies, rhododendron etc.), bushes and trees.  In addition, there are colorful benches, picnic tables and garden decos.  The garden is landscaped and yet remains a natural appearance with a bevy of colors.  Just being there, I feel relaxed.
It was supposed to be a sunny day, but cloud intervened occasionally. I was happy that sun was not too aggressive while I was rushing on freeway for my hour and half drive. It was about 9:30am when I got there and the sun did not rise high till about 11:30am.  I had two good hours to stroll through the beautiful garden and satisfy my desire to shoot. 
There must be hundred different kinds of Iris in the garden.  The distinguished beauty and coloration make me speechless.  I stopped every step of my way working through the rows. I was continuously surprised by one beauty after the other. The flower itself is just like a beautiful dress with colors and ruffles. I bet they are great inspiration for apparel designers.

However, I came here for photography and I found Iris is not necessary the ideal flower for what I like to do, close-ups. The flower is big and not a lot of details in the center.  Entertainment for me is to peek through the stigma and discover the Great Creation. But Iris is more for outlook than insight. I believe that there was a reason that they were created this way. Rhododendron is kind of falling into this category. They look stunning at first glance, but no hidden mystery. And, I am looking for mystery. A Northwest resident, me, I found it very interesting that deer do not eat Iris, Rhododendron, Peonies, the dramatic stunners. Not only creative, our God has this sense of humor that just blew me away.
Two hours went away fast. I intended to hang out more, but Sun was screaming and cast shadows (not the kind of shadows I like) and I finally gave in. (The center image was taken under bright sunlight.)
You know that I am addicted to texture and so I played a little bit again today. Peony is another gorgeous looking flower, but I found its back with fine droplets as appealing. This dogwood flower was embracing the sun. I did not want to disturb it and I took a shoot from its back. Snap dragon may not be special so I decided to turn it horizontal for a different look.

Peony (Breath), Dogwood (Calm), Snap Dragon (Thrive)

It is a Friday, and a long weekend ahead. I feel blessed that we have got lots of sunshine since spring and this week, enough rain to quench the thirst of our flowers.  Fresh morning dew prompts me for a deep Breath. My mind is Calm and peaceful. Confidence to Thrive in my doings is soaring….

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