Composite – Entertain Yourself on Friday

Photography is an art. Artwork by renown artists is often under scrutiny of art critics to determine its value and authenticity. Some reputable and seasoned photographers may pursue the authenticity of an “original” photography, I mean, AS SHOT, no touchups, no post processing (it is rare). I believe that many years of experience and an abundant supply of professional equipment are required to achieve the status. For an amateur and no name like me, I have moderate quality camera and limited types of lens and accessories. And, I don’t have accumulation of practice year after year. My goal is not about achievement.  It is about entertainment and sharing. Entertain myself and hopefully you are also entertained. Best of all, if we can all eventually share with one another.

I have a good-sized photo archives.  Whenever I go over them, I tend to delete some of them. One day the photo looked great and the other day, it looked terrible. Or vis versa. I am thinking, we always have a reason or purpose when we aimed our camera at something, but we don’t necessarily remember that motive or emotion when we come back to view the picture. I have set myself a goal to shoot more selectively and meanwhile, I don’t want to drag the pictures into trash can mindlessly.

On my after thoughts, I pulled out a few shots that they don’t look particularly interesting by themselves, but when I added something else, and the images begin to speak… 

We met these cute kids at Klamath Fall park. They were having fun sitting on a rock by the lake while their Dad was fishing. We got Mom’s permission to take their photos. They remind me of my brother’s grandchildren. Maybe that’s why I like them. Last year I shot the copper statue outside of an art gallery at Santa Fe while strolling down the street, just for fun.

Now I moved kids away from the rock and placed them on girl swinger’s legs. The siblings have brought life to the cold statue and the image becomes more interesting.
My husband and I climbed to the top floor of a car garage to take street traffic pictures. I did not get good shots that day because of light traffic.  But I snapped a shot with my husband in it for record keeping that we have done something, silly.

While I was looking at the empty blue sky of the image, I thought about a few hot air ballons that I shot in a ballon festival. So, Bingo, here is my new image.  Except that my husband was looking down and not at the balloons. I could have let photoshop to twist his neck and make it more realistic, but no, it’s Friday, not worth the hassel. You got the idea and that’s all I want.

This is fun. I cannot get enough of it. I came across two more images that I think they can be one.

My hummingbird originally perched on a limb. I caught it unexpected… I took flower basket rack shot on a rainy day. I like the blurred background and the waterdrops, but the image looks meaningless without a substantial subject. So I moved my hum buddy to the rack and my flower rack has now a visitor. They are cheered by each other. I have fun marrying them and have myself entertained. I can spend more time to rescale both images to make them fit better, but I think it good for this first attempt.
My conclusion for this Friday is, not to neglect simple something which may turn into something else that is beyond your expectation. 
(PS. As a general rule, it is OK to shoot something outside of other people’s property as long as you don’t use it for commercial purpose.)

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