behind Sunrise

Sunrise and sunset are two charming moments for photographers. I am a night owl, not an early bird. Getting up super early to get sunrise shots is not my favorite thing to do, but the temptation is big and I did it again.

Oregon is beautiful everywhere, but not many out-of-state friends know about it. Crater Lake is probably the most known tourist destination. I have been there 5-6 times and I know I won’t never get tired of it. The lake is calm, peaceful and sacred.

The mirror-like lake surface looks calm, peaceful and sacred. I imagine a drop of needle will ripple the water.  Sunrise beam hits the rim and sets crimson color reflections. The reward of catching sunrise is the harmonious color combination, two shades of blue, orange, burgundy, crimson red and white. 

I was here same time last year and the shot below was taken around noon under a crystal clear blue sky.  The remaining white snow dramatized the appearance of the rim and reflections. It is sacred as always and it is glamorous.

I would say, the beauty of Crater Lake is unspeakable. You have to be there in person in order to be able to embrace its beauty and tranquility.
Take a peek through the hole framed by the old broken tree. Morning sun ray has brightened the background and I feel the lake is just a few feet away from me, so unbelievably close.
I would not notice that this fallen trunk has un-intentionally provided me a telescope for this awesome view till I downloaded the picture.
This picture frame looks so well-designed to me that I know, from my heart, it is intentionally arranged by the Supreme for our pleasure.  I adore and appreciate in awe.
I meant to take some HDR shots, but I did not remember to set up bracketing exposures. My memory card was quickly filled, but what I got are the multiple shots of the same thing. I cannot believe it, after all that work.

The good news is, we have digital camera and we have enhancement tools. My disappointment can be removed in one click OR with additional few strokes, I can inject new life to the images and transform them to something else that I may have never imagined.

Post processing is interesting and revealing.  I just began to experiment with some simple filters. The process is very fun and can be addicting.

If my images turned out to be the way I wanted and there are no further challenges, I may be happy but not excited. And, I won’t have all the fun playing with filters. Thinking about this, smile comes and dwelled on my face….

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