Breaking the Rules – Blur Inspirations

There are tremendous amount of new skills and knowledge that I am opt for. I am retired and should have lots of time in my hand, but I certainly don’t feel so. I wish I have more time and a bit less desire to learn something new each day.  And, at some point, I will check off the items from my to-do list if I will ever wipe out the list.
Playing with blur effect is fun and satisfying. My love for close-up shots have put me through the lens and the decision making process to have my main subjects popped and the remaining hidden or at least minimized. I can hear my yell and wow when my subject is distinguished from the others. At the same time, I have often wondered how my subject will do without all the background elements.
If it is not for these minimized in the background, how would the subject stands out?  How would a lead singer get all his/her glamour if there are no background singers and the essential instrument band?  We want to capture a super moon, but moon is just a big circle if there are no trees, hilltops or other elements as backdrops.  All athletes are aiming to win, but it is the losers who make a winner. If everyone talks, who will be the audience?

Photography composition rule calls for odd numbers (three or five’s). I have two flowers here that I think they balance for each other. One cannot do well without the other. The TWO combination looks fine to me in this image.
Maybe I should say that I am breaking the rule again to have two co-existant subjects although one is more stated than the other.
The texture on pine cones makes it an interesting photography subject. When I placed them together on a dead log, they become a pair of forever brothers.  Except that one brother likes to 

be on spotlight and the other is the humble little soul. At least this is how I perceive my story in this image.

Some says, rules are meant to be broken. There is a large group of youngsters is just determined to break the rules regardless what their goal is. I grow up in an old culture where rules and tradition are NOT meant to be broken. I think, a fair balance should be taken place and Confucius’ moderation 中庸之道 comes practical.
I don’t intend to talk like a grandmother, but I am easily becoming one particularly when eastern and western perception of value collide…..
When the background trees are blurred, the modern cowgirl and the beautiful horse stand out. I intended to allow lots of space in front of the horse because I like the blue sky through the trees. Maybe I break the rule again.
It is a Friday, how about taking a horse ride in the woods, strolling or galloping  your choice. 

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