Day without a Smartphone

What is a day like without a smartphone?

My first smartphone was an Iphone.  I like the manufacturing quality of the phone, but I don’t like its lack of flexibility. I changed to Android phone years ago and I like it better.  I enjoy to utilize technology and have control over my settings. Recently I smashed my HTC Incredible when I closed my car door. It is lifeless now. I need a new phone, but the phone I want, HTC One, which for some mysterious reason has not been released at Verizon. I have made my mind to wait till its release. For the time being, I am using my old LG cell phone, a flip style with minimum basic features, a big step down. I can barely do much of anything other than making phone calls. I can text, but no thanks, no more original texting from phone keys.
First thing in the morning, I usually started to read news and check emails in bed if I wake up early. Now I don’t have my Android and we don’t have newspapers. No big deal, I can make breakfast first, and I can wait till my husband goes to work before I get hold of his Ipad. But my husband has his favorite news channels and I have mine.  He does not have the news apps I used, and I don’t want to mess up his Ipad. I turned on my computer to do my emails, and read the news online. Not as convenient, but I can live with it.
My desktop reminder popped up, Out Walking is my next daily routine. I got my headset and sun cap ready to head out of the door, and I realized that I could not listen to my Android music. It will be a bit tough to walk uphill without the push of some rock n roll music, and I like to have some easy listening to ease me down the hill. I thought about my old Ipod and smiled.  Getting music from Itune to Android phone is a task, I gave that up long time ago. I know Apple and Google can never be friends, why bother.  Besides, I got to listen to my Ipod music that I have not heard for a long time. It is refreshing.  And, I found my ladybug.

Just remembered that I have a photo book groupon to be expired soon. I need to make a plan to get the work done. I also have an event planned on one of the following weekends, but I am not sure which one. I put my hand in the pocket to reach my Android to view my Calendar, instead, I got my Ipod….

My next to-do for the day is going to the stores to replenish some grocery and supplies. But where is my Out of Milk app?  I don’t have a shopping list that I can swipe it through and check them off whenever an item is being loaded to my cart.  I pulled out a stack of scotch notepads that I have not used for years and started to write down my list. How long haven’t I used a pen to write that I felt my fingers so stiff and my handwriting terrible? I have often typed using computer and smartphone keyboards, and I barely used a pen to write except mabye filling in paperwork in a doctor’s office.
My favorite toilet paper is on sale again.  I have to get it. But the package is again changed and so are the contents. I really don’t care these ultra features on simple toilet paper. I just want basic something with decent paper quality. Not easy these days, merchants are going crazy in competition game. Which one shall I get? I usually used the Calculator in my smartphone and figured out the unit price per sheet before I make my decision.  It is just a small amount saving, but I don’t like to be fooled by marketing. No calculator, no give up, I calculated it from my head like what I was taught to do in grade school. Elementary but I got my answer.
Wine prices are in great discrepancy from one store to the other. I often scan the UPC label to check the prices from the web before I make the purchase, but where is my UPC Scan app?  I saw new wines and I liked to show them to my husband first, no, I couldn’t simply just snap a picture with my Android.
Enough damages were done at the stores. I came back to my car and was ready to do my bookkeeping, but I did not have Easy Money app to key in the numbers. I thought to set a reminder to work on this later, but I did not have my Task app…

I was little bombed, and I missed my Android.  

A long weekend without Android at family lake cabin. No news, no texts, and no emails. I feel deprived and wanted to do something to fill in the void.

I grabbed my camera and went out driving. I have come to the cabin for at least 50 times and driving through this road for dozen times, but this is the first time we actually stopped.  It is a camp ground and

too crowded, we thought, and we did not bother to come. I have always just looked at Diamond Peak from the cabin, from distance. I have no clue how beautiful it is until I stepped into the site.

The clouds were putting out their grand finale and the contrast colors from white, sky blue to snow white to deep water blue is breath-taking. I know I will come back here to capture sunrise or sunset scene in my next trip here.

It is heart-breaking to hear the news about these 19 firefighters who were tragically consumed by inferno in Arizona.  Young Americans are so adventurous and enthusiastic that they don’t mind to put their life on the line for sake of a goal.  It is also this honorable spirit makes here a prosperous and vibrant country.

I am not sure how long ago these trees were in flames but I certainly enjoyed the appearance now particularly with one of the Three Sisters as background.  Believe or not, this is also the first time that I noticed the mountain on the background and the floating clouds around.

Chinese has an old says, “The kind find pleasure in mountain and the wise in water. 仁者樂山;智者樂水. If it is true, our world is surely full of wise and kind people.

It is OK without my Android.

Do I really control my Android as I thought or am I being controlled by it that it gradually becomes indispensable to me?  Can I live with my basic cell phone and adjust my lifestyle to cope? My questions will be answered in the next couple months.

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