An Ordinary Day

I am retired and should have lots of time, but I have not been able to find enough time to accomplish what I want.  My to-do list still grows and I have items there since last year. Distant photography outing is always inspiring and rejuvenating, but it cannot be done every day, in my case anyway.
I want to be faithful to my blog in respect of being truthful and non-fictional. I believe there is something to share when you have lived more than six decades on earth, so I am either flipping through my history book or adding new pieces to it as I discovered something vintage becomes new again or something purely undisclosed in my life and I have not had my foot prints on.

People get depressed when there is overcast for days or weeks or if there are 7-8 cold months in a year like in Scandinavia or Alaska. But  Norwegians (and some says Danish) were elected to be the happiest people on earth. How then? I guess we just have to make every day a new day, and make the ordinary day a special one. I found myself still so easily excited about every little discovery I encountered, just like a little child. 

I often receive forward emails with golden mottos that you should live by and if all are executed, your earth life will be as good as in heaven. The question is, how long it will take you to realize and live to the fulfillment of these golden rules. I am afraid life is approaching to the end when I am not stirred up by a tiny bubble any more. I prefer bubbles after bubbles and all over the places.
Routine is boring. But sometimes routine is good when I am too lazy to make the twist or turn. I have walked through the same path hundred times. When I don’t have my camera with me, everything looks the same. But things start to look different when my camera eye is wide open.  This was an ordinary day when I got up earlier than usual and the sun was peeking through the trees….
Walking up the hill, I have often looked at the glass decking on back of this house. I like the transparency and semi-openess of the glass. The plants inside the glass were shown through and morning mist added a frosty layer. And, warm morning light brought in a gold touch. A rear corner of this ordinary house has suddenly glowed in my sight.

Art Corner
I love birds because they come and go, and I enjoy the same freedom, too. I would not want to take care of them on top of everything I want to do. 

There are four animals that I don’t particularly care for. (Please don’t get defensive if you happen to love them.)
Dogs (they bark too much and disturb my concentration sometimes), Turkey (they are Occupy Street, 52 of them at one time), Deer (oh, dear, they munch many live things and drained my pocket at nursery) and you all know Squirrels (the master destroyer). 

I stay away from them or chase them away. But, out of my character, I took couple shots that you would not believe. Instead of wrinkled face and aged neckline, it looks
upbeat, clean and alert. Its eye expresses emotion and its feather shining under the sun. I have liked this lucky Turk. And, after this encounter, I may not enjoy Thanksgiving turkey on the table any more.

Sun is moving beyond the roof line and going up higher. I did not have my sunglasses on, subconsciously I moved towards the shady side of the street. Not getting the protection, contrarily this dramatic sun burst shone right in my eyes. The first word came to my mind is Glory, glory of God. I don’t want to sound religious, but I am a Christian and I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy His divine design in everyday life.  

Can you see why I was Wow’d and thinking glory of God? In front of this scene, I felt speechless. Any more human language is obsolete if I try to describe how beautiful it is and how the impact was on me. A skinny tree trunk was in the way and I decided to leave it alone. I have wandered through the woods…. 
I know my friends would laugh at me, you take photo of a dog?  But… she is too cute to resist and she actually made me break my rule.  As long as they do not bark, don’t try to lick all over you (overly passionate), stay clean and don’t leave ‘dirt’ all over the park, I am fine. (This was taken mid-day.)

A Toy or Puppy, Chihuahua
Cold chill outside in the evening, but I had urge to get some night flower shots on my deck. Unfortunately it is the time of the year that almost all the flowers have come to life end except this multi color grass and fuchsia.

There was dim light on the wall and I used a flash.  Night shots have  rich and deep flare that I cannot accomplish during the day.  I have not seen my grass looking so pleasing in my eyes, and it can easily be an abstract image, how about ‘Shades of Memory’? It resonates my intertwined mind stream whenever I am going through my history book…

Late Night Glow
Shades of Memory

Call it an ordinary day, a nice day, a productive day or another day of discovery. If not for photography, I would not appreciate life so much. I am sure of that.

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