Fall, Fog, Frost – thoughts in the walk

Sunshine is still beautiful but the temperature is way down. The fall chill is definitely here.  There have been many foggy mornings.  The fog was so dense that I could only see one car ahead of me, not further.  This reminds me of my days living in Sacramento in wintertime.  The density of the fog is so intense that I had no clue what was in front of me driving on the freeway.  I wanted to get off the freeway, but I could not find the exit. Traffic signs and exit entrances were completely fogged. Other than that, I love fog, particularly in colorful fall days.
I have tried to catch the right moment to go out and take some foggy shots. Being a computer addict, it is so easy for me to forget time. One moment I think the fog is too dense to shoot anything and the other moment I am too late. Finally I just took off early in the morning and I am so glad that I did.
The smoked and fogged woods bring me to think of traditional Chinese painting, the understated style. Maple leaves are more of a burgundy color, but they look orange under the morning sun. Maple tree is the focal point, the attraction. If not for the fainted background, the orange won’t look so distinctive.
I read a book titled Quiet. It does a thorough analysis of introverted people and how our society functions with both introverts and extroverts. Introvert tends to think more and more resistant to act while extrovert is inclined to talk more and more daring to adventure. So there are thinkers and there are adventurers. We need the introvert to plan and we also need the extrovert to act. I think it is our Creator’s work of art to piece two together.
Asian immigrants are often categorized as introverts, with a quiet background. Native speakers are generally the extrovert, the centerpiece. I think it has definitely something to do with the comfort level of being an ESL (English as second language).
It is hard for me not to brag about Oregon. But if you can look at what I got in a simple and short morning walk in the park, you will be with me.  Everything is supposed to turn yellow, dry, faded and scattered, but I am seeing colors, life and vitality in a subtle way.
I walked by the river path. Steaming fog on the river created a milky background. If it is just a regular sunny day, these trees would never catch my eyes.
Ducks are everywhere here in Eugene. I stopped taking their pictures last year. But when the fog layered fallen leaves on the pond, I saw this ducky sitting on an embroidered fabric. He was of course lifting his head and wondered why he suddenly became my interest.  He is free and lucky to be here.  If he lives in a China country town, he may sit motionlessly on a gourmet dining table now.
Speaking of embroidery, how that tiny spider weaves this intricate thing is beyond me. The frosted webs look like a superfine crystal necklace. I have learned, again and again, not to ignore a small existence around us. There is a reason why they are co-existing with us. Either they are teaching us a lesson to be persistent and industrious or simply provide me a chance for a shot.
If not for the fog and the frost, I would not frame this shot for my simple pleasure. It is the variety of the elements makes the image interesting. The vitality and energy of our society come from the combination of our differences and our co-existence. I am no longer thinking that I want to get out of the background. It is just fine to be wherever I am, there is always a purpose for whatever turns out to be.
I have set myself a goal to dive in Photoshop and be able to share what I learn in my blog. But not until I am there, I don’t want to make any promise. I am the Quiet and I would rather speak when I am ready.

2 thoughts on “Fall, Fog, Frost – thoughts in the walk

  1. Each of your posts are so reflective and thoughtful!! I played the birds song and excited the dog, cat & bird pets we have, lol! It was a beautiful song, and your writing is unspeakably profound and beautiful 😉

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