Almost a Paradise

Back home here in Taiwan, I just visited an amazing place, ‘The One’. If there is really a place like a paradise, this place can be one.
A retired newspaper tycoon built his ideal paradise to enjoy his retirement life.  This place has 69 secluded acres of land surrounded by dense and thriving greens in a valley setting.  The construction is a Jiangnan (meaning south of Yanz River) garden style and an ancient Chinese structure without using nails. A talented architect has been given full authority to build the place. It is definitely one distinguished architecture with a sophisticated display of Chinese culture and heritage.The owner lived here for 25 years before his decease in 1996 and the place was re-opened and brought to the public as ‘The One’ in 2008 as a resort.  The resort sounds too commercial to describe this unique and exquisite place. It is not too much if we simply call it a paradise.

Looking out from the balcony of the highest building, you would feel like standing in the heavenly realm, it is surreal. Blue sky afar and green trees around enhance the terra cotta color buildings and that weaves a beautiful landscape all together.

All the buildings are designed with meaningful themes and functions. Key buildings are named after the owner, his wife and their children. They are connected with ponds, small bridges, gazebos, pavilions, rocks, and refined landscaping. The view is stunning and the beauty is well balanced with its subtlety.
From the exterior, you can see how peaceful and tranquil the setting is. Ponds are full of koi and black swans are showing off whenever people are coming close.

Noticed the design of the door frame and window case. The ‘flower vase’ is inviting you to go in and view the ‘flowers’ inside. I believe peaches are on the left side of the entrance. Peach is a symbol of longevity for the Chinese.

Urns are popular in Asian, but I am not sure how many people actually thought about using them to decorate the window.
The window case is like an open book.  It opens to another chapter, the roof of an adjacent lower building.
How about a small peek at the bamboo bush and pond through the flower entry?  I just love to peek through window cases to see the garden. Regardless what angle of view you are, there is a different set of scene in front of you. If you have more time, peek through the small bamboo tubes, and image…
See what I got from this door? I can stay here for hours and make you images after images. Can you imagine how much architecture treasure you can find in this place?
My memory cards are full so is my mind. I just grabbed a few to sample. I have been away from my original culture too long and I am glad that I am here to catch up.

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