Christmas Greetings – one year retrospect

Wednesday is my day to post my weekly blog. I had a little scare last night because my one-year-old IMac had an unexpected lock-up, the second time. I could not access my photos and files!!! I was panicked and yet not quite because I have done my regular backup. I however started to drag about the nightmare to bring this machine to be served in Portland. I would rather drive four hours round trip to have peace of mind knowing that I am dealing with a trustworthy company-owned store than an Apple retailer who does not look after the customer’s best interests.
Thanks to my husband who has purchased extended Apple Care I can simply get online and make a request for an Apple expert to call me at a designated time.  If we don’t specify a time and it is during work hours, we will almost immediately receive a phone call the moment when Send key is pressed. I have talked to their technicians several times and all of them sound very professional and know exactly how to do it. As expected, I received a call this morning and my problem was solved in less than 10 minutes. Thank God.
In case I get busy with holiday fever and family events, I like to send my holiday greetings out to you ALL one week before Christmas…’Merry Christmas from our family to yours
‘May you have a good time with your children and grandchildren
‘Peace & Joy’
‘May your dream come true, reindeer comes or not’
‘We came across at a path for reason, may our friendship lasts                                                                    forever

It has been a wonderful year and I have had a great time writing my blogs and fond satisfaction experiencing continuous visits from my audience since day one. Even though I don’t always post good pictures and sometimes, I am not sure if I ever got my points across with my limited English vocabulary.  Every once a while, I used wrong words or misspelled words and my typos… Yuks.  Thank you for being there behind the scene and yet provide me immeasurable support and encouragement.
I am learning as I am blogging. My passion is to share what I have known or just discovered through my exploration journeys. With my Asian ethnic background, I often see things differently. I want my fellow Americans to know Asians better and also for my Asian friends to portray Americans from a more realistic point of view, and not from the movies which dramatize and exaggerate truth and facts.
My ultimate wish is for my children and generations after to have the opportunity to understand an integral part of their roots, perceive the value and add it to what they have lived and learned in the place where they grow up, the United States.  Two culture, one is Lightroom and the other Photoshop (speaking like a photographer:-). Both have the strength and purpose of their own.  Neither is just a plug-in for the other. They should co-exist and complement each other. I don’t want to feel that my children are just Americans and I am that odd and old-fashioned Asian. I want my family to be multi-cultural and international. Utilize American style freedom and openness in a more constrained Asian manner and carry beyond. Live more richly and profoundly.
I hope your wishes for yourself and your family will get closer to be fulfilled as Christmas comes and a new year brings you new hope and opportunities.
(The photo was taken on a foggy night)

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