Rain Drop Thoughts

I am challenging myself to always take new images for my blog. It is the way for me to improve my photography skills.  I collect notes and tips from photography gurus and experts, but end of the day, nobody will hold your hand to set aperture or shutter speed when it comes to your own time and circumstance. I know there is no magic and no instant remedy other than to learn it myself through repetition and practice.
In the last couple of weeks, temperature was low but no snow. Dryness of the year has disappointed many skiers in the area. I don’t ski, but honestly I also hope more snow will come and come soon.  I love that peaceful and soothing white, clean chill, and cheerful surroundings not mentioning what snow would bring, the wild white wonderland.
No snow, I can get by with fog. I always like the simmering look of fog. In fact I have made a few attempt to shoot fog but not too successful. When it was too dense at dawn, I waited. Then I was occupied to engaged in other project, by the time when I put my head up, it vanished. I am having hard time to do one thing at a time, so that one thing slipped away while I tried to hold on two or three things at once. I want some good fog shots and I will, one day, focus on this one thing and accomplish my goal.
I had my mind set on three giant sequoia in front of a school. I have seen them standing in heavy fog and looking like three giant angles floating in the cloud. But this scene has not come back for couple years. I am still waiting….
For this year, I intend to focus more on fine art photography. That means, more macro or close-ups shots and nature theme based. Maybe also getting into some abstract as my inspiration goes. I have to take some artsy shots for my assignments, but what do I shoot? 
Trees and plants are as bare as they can be. Evergreen plants have some green leaves, but what’s special about them, they are here all year around, as boring as it can be.  I could not catch up with fog, snow is long gone, but I must come out something.
Out of desperation, I went out and walked around. Looking harder, looking deeper, still nothing… and I spotted sparkling something under tree limbs and twigs. As a matter of fact, there are a lot, in clusters, gathered around evergreen leaves and deciduous twigs, the rain drops!!!  I had my camera out, macro lens on tripod and on solid ground. Holy cow, there are lots of droplets, too many, and I saw trees in them, the reflection.
Less is more and this is where I began. I wish there are some colors in the surroundings that can be reflected in the droplets, unfortunately it is the season for the reason, bare and lack of luster. Instead of moaning for winter, I added a bit of earth tones to give it a lift, just tints of complimentary colors.

This is exactly my style, casual, natural and understated. We more likely to shoot perfect flowers, the bright and successful side, but I believe portraying truth in various aspect is equally valuable. Furthermore, looking for beauty on ashes.

It was cloudy and I don’t have the best skill and equipment to do the job that I hope for, but it is OK, I am exploring and experimenting. I do what I can. I know I will always learn something from each endeavor.  I like the jewel tone of this one, and I made the background drops more painterly and make the focal point drop more crystal like.

I love crystals over diamond. Both of them are from nature, but monetary value of diamond that people so earnestly pursued makes it unnatural and to me, a symbol of vanity and greed if it is not bond by a sworn commitment, such as used for a wedding ring. The tough and solid nature of diamond is what I appreciate. Glitter and shine will come if a lively relationship sustains. otherwise, it is just a sparkled stone.
So what do you think this is? Christmas is over, but I am getting an ornament and it  is made of water drops. I think it is fun and cool though photo quality is not top notch.  It is a causal occurrence. I tried to shoot one drop out of many. They are all too close that I could not get one crispy clear.  Just because

it is not crisp, it looks like a painted ornament.  If it is not made for original purpose, it will be for something else. If I am not good at something, I will be good at something else. Pondering on this, I feel ease and peace, and contentment.

I left the dead pine cone behind to provide a backdrop. If not for the silent partner behind, the front one won’t be the focal point. Don’t overlook the quiet in the crowd who can be more profound as you can imagine.

At this moment, I raised my head and I saw the warm and friendly smile. My goodness, Sun was here! it was comforting after days of chill and cloud. I was excited and looking anxiously for the light source, and here they are. I found many beautiful drops, big and small. You know I was just complaining too many drops and they stayed too close for me….. Just like that, I changed my point of view in that split second.I wish I had used F8 instead of F5.6 and have more crispy droplets. But I could not see it through till I have the image downloaded and now Sun is down again.  I usually don’t complain much about rain, and I will even do it less after this discoveries.

If I mention that I live in Eugene, people would usually say, lots of rain there, isn’t it? Yes, but it usually comes and goes, it would not stay long enough to bore you. Besides, think of the green acres we have here.
There is a study stating that Oregon is the most popular moving- to state last year. Out of total 129,000 moves, 61% of them moved to Oregon. 
I am not kidding. Check it out yourself at http://huff.to/1d6Wpr3

‘Rain drops falling on my head…’ I heard the song and I saw Butch (Paul Newton) have Etta (Katherine Ross) on his bike, riding along and turning around in the rain…..  Sing along, Oregonians!!!

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