What’s on your mind?

English speakers think English is difficult.  Chinese speakers think Chinese is complicated. I believe we all have our rationale. I am not a native English speaker and I originally felt that ‘What’s in your mind’ and ‘What’s on your mind’ are created to cause confusion and to play with our minds. People argued that there is a difference, in my opinion, in the modern sense. Trending phrases and terms though not in a literal sense make it to the official dictionaries these days. I like to be aware, like it or not.
“What’s in your mind?” means ‘what are you thinking?’ or ‘what is your idea or opinion?’  It is the thought that you may have possessed or are formulating inside of you. “What’s on your mind?” is more a spontaneous thought right off your mind and the audience’s expectation is meant for an immediate response. Some say, ‘what’s troubling you?’  I think it is more like “what’s taking up your mind?”.  What’s occupying our mind is not necessarily something negative, it can be just a decision to make or you are just attracted to something or someone.
If you ask me what’s on my mind now, I would immediately talk about my weekend short and sweet gathering with my daughters and the grandchildren.  I of course took hundreds of shots when they were around. Among all, I am most attracted to this one.  She is my granddaughter, just turned one-year-old last month.
What’s on her mind?

It was a wet weekend. Immediately when the sun showed up in a short period and our deck was barely dry. Little ones came out of the house to have their active secession. She just began to explore the walking fun and enjoy the sense of independence. While she was walking from one flower pot to the other, we were all cheering and giving her our bravos.

The loudest applause seemed to come from grandpa. She turned to him and made that face.  What was on her mind at that moment? What a fresh one-year-old can think these days?

Forever Ducks Fan

Her family does not live in Oregon anymore, but her loyalty to the Ducks still exists. Oregon was competing with Wisconsin and see whom she pointed at? I took at least 5 shots because I did not believe what I saw and she did finger at the big O every single time.

Big brother (that’s what he calls himself now), my grandson, is going to be 4 years old in a couple of months. He is an extremely happy boy, energetic, and very creative. All kids are super smart in this science and technology explosion era, I think all of us tend to think our kids and grandkids are the smartest. No need to brag here 🙂
Can you tell “What’s on his mind?” He approached me with a big smile on his face. Then, began to elaborate on what he had on his mind. He was telling a sound idea and asking me for permission to engage in an activity that I would usually say No to. But,  could I refuse? I could not. His honesty and purity have me conquered. I lost in the negotiation.
What’s on His Mind?
I am growing older but am I wiser? Maybe. But what’s that mean to be wise? Wise to do things or not to. I think we (or just me), aged people, think more and more thoroughly and we reacted more carefully and therefore more slowly. I have started to perceive this change in my life, not my style, but I am learning to cope. It is not such an easy evolving process for me because I have been so used to doing things fast and efficiently.While my physical condition starts to wind down, my wisdom tells me to slow down and be gentle with my body. My mind can go flying a thousand miles but I have to make sure that I don’t take two steps each time coming down the stairs. Unfortunately, this is just how our life works.

Honestly, I did not know how would I feel to be a grandmother until I actually became one. Love for children goes down to grandchildren. This is our nature and such is life. But, how about that magical attachment to the grandchildren besides love? Simple to say it is love, but too simple if we use Love to explain and rationalize everything. There is something in them that we are inspired and invigorated, do you agree?I am certain that it is not just love that I am so addicted to their pictures. It seems to be a yearning to rewind the clock and to re-launch my childhood expedition letting go of the wisdom gained in decades. Now I have known how to live a better life, won’t it be nice if I can try again?…. While unwinding the life clock is not possible, I have my back-to-the-past dream fulfilled in them.

Children’s nature is so delicate, so tender, so spontaneous, so unpretentious and so original.  It is absolutely the most precise period in a lifetime. They are my energy spring and inspiration source.Every week when I write my blog, I am looking into the answers from the images I took. My hustle and bustle career days are behind. And I am now ‘looking afar and drawing close’ through my camera lens at a slower pace.

No Fear

Big brother has been engaged in many physical activities that he has no fear of jumping down the large tree stump taller than his height. I know the impact was rather big when he landed on the grass, but I could not show it before I added the blur.

No beach ball in hand, we rolled out the yoga ball. I have always liked this picture taken last year. At first, I thought the ball was too big for him, but by the way, how he handled it, I think I just worried too much myself.
Say No to Limitations

I have a passion to learn new software and I simply love technology.

Last year I came across a tutorial about how to create radial blur in photoshop. This image is what I have in mind for my experiment. After 6 months, I finally gave it a try. The ball was rolling, but I could not show the motion till now.

Grandkids are blessings. They inspire you, enrich your life and humble you with what they can do. I am happy that I can now run and jump without having to do it myself. I need only to snap my camera and I get to keep my wisdom.

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