‘A Little League of Their Own’ – Presumed Panning

Grandson Braxtyn just turned four. We had great fun attending his birthday party and watching him play Tee Ball, in my opinion,  a pre-baseball game.
Back in old-time, my grade school had the best baseball team. Sports were then barely popular and we thought only those who could not accomplish much academically would become ball players.I saw those school kids practice in the playground when we were inside the classroom learning math and science. Somehow school put all these kids in one class. Their focus is sports and they do not have to meet the standard of regular academic classes. Up to this day, I still think it is a bad idea.

This group of Taiwanese boys in the special class later made an outstanding junior league and made themselves known internationally. That’s when people started to praise them and give them credit for what they have accomplished. Physical achievements have never been so well accepted in my culture till these days. We have countless genius and book worms who demonstrated their intelligence in advanced science and sophisticated inventions, but the physical potential has not been emphasized till those who have made their names in US sports and Olympics, such as Yao-Ming.
American kids particularly boys are more inclined to expose to sports early, I say, as early as they can get their hands on. Many families have basketball hoops around the house and kids learn how to aim the basket sooner when they can hold the ball in their hands.

Young mother usually soon becomes soccer mom when their kids go to school. And, then baseball, basketball and now gymnastics… anything are available.  Young parents are very eager to participate and involved in kids’ sports activities.

When Dad is around, the little boy surely gains his confidence and courage to perform. There is a crowd of parents and grandparents around who provide moral support. It is fun for kids and adults, and a great family event.
I intended to do panning shots, but little kids run slow and I did not have my tripod with me. So I cleaned up the clutters in the background and used motion blur…It seems to me that it was just a couple of years ago when Braxtyn was born. There was a period of time when I drove to Portland back and forth every week to watch him.  I  knew then that he

was very active and fun. He takes interest in all activities and engages them with a big smile. He smiled when he was batting, and even when he was running. The oversized helmet looks super cute on him and other kids.

In the image below, Braxtyn played the pitcher. Check out how determined he looked when he

caught the ball and threw the kid out at the first base.
Even his little sister was having a good time running on the side field, giggling and making funny faces. Don’t you think she also makes a good cheerleader?
I grew up wanting to be the good kids at home and good students in school.  Good students meaning having good grades and academics is pretty much what we cared about then. Watching how these kids run and have fun on the field, I think sports to kids are as important as good grades. I however would not agree if kids are aiming to be in sports and in for making big bucks. There is a reason that some NBA or NFL renowned players are occasional lawbreakers. We need our kids to have a solid foundation in life, and only a sound education can accomplish that.

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