What door would you knock?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you.” This is a Bible verse. In case you are not a believer, I think this applies to everyone and on all occasions.  When your mind is set on something, be persistent and your perseverance will lead you to it.
If you are following my blog, you know that I have an obsession with windows. The door, on the other hand, is welcoming and is the key to leading us to our destinations. I have not taken too many door pictures, but as long as I have a chance, I would always snap a few.  Modern doors are mostly manufactured in an industrial setting where the products are governed by specs and the styles are very uniform. Sculptured trimming or fancy molding can be added, but the body is more in a standard format, rectangular. Most people like to photograph aged and distressed doors. Or, a door of the character of its own.

This one is surely not that standard spec door. It is the entry for a pretty large house. I am surprised that the door is not larger. I bet a 6 footer will have to ‘humble’ down to go through. The door frame tells me it is a European style, but the large urn on the side looks like an Asian piece. The house looks deserted, but the plants on the front porch are obviously well-maintained. Maybe there are high priests (or monks) living there who possess the well of wisdom and are waiting inside for the seekers to knock on the door…

It is a carved wooden door with an antique door knocker. This door appears to be open most of the time. Luxuriant trailing vegetation has made this entrance a shaded area. Bright sunlight flashed into the space through the arch. The light carpet prompts the curiosity of the visitors. And, yes, through the frame, there is a Japanese garden. Almost everything is groomed and manicured, nice and tight. We know what’s inside and assurance of a pleasant experience is confirmed. Play safe, so to speak.
Who does not like a sunrise? particularly when it rose above the Mediterranean Sea.  It is a cast iron door without wood or glass. With this backdrop, you would want the fresh air to go in and out with full freedom and you will want the Blue to inhabit every bit of the space. It does not take a genius to figure out what’s like inside that door. Breathing in and out of that ocean blue, watching sunrise and sunset, daydreaming or counting the uncountable stars. And, for photographers to take all the star trail shots at their content. A door to lead you to the dream and indulgence.
This image reminds me of the movie Southern Pacific (1958) and its music composed by Rodger and Hammerstein. The retro sepia-tone seems to provide a more poetic setting for the classic romance.
So what kind of door do I like personally? A quiet and small door, unnoticed. No fancy trim or molding. No antique hardware. Not even a doorbell or door knocker. No inviting entrance. It is just there to serve the purpose for people to enter. It is a door to get to my secret garden where I can hide for days without any interruption; where I can live in my own world with absolute freedom and peace.
Either it is the door that leads to seclusion (and perhaps enlightenment); or the door leads to a sunshine garden, or the door opens the blue vanity fair, it is just a door. It is just a bridge to set us off for a destination.  The discovery inside the door will pave the way for our destination, a destination that has been set aside for us individually. We may alter our paths, but we will eventually get there, as phrased in a Chinese old saying, The boat will be set straight at the end of the bridge (船到橋頭自然直).

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