Farewell to Year 2014 – Make it New Again

It is the end of the year, I planned to go over all the photos that I have taken throughout the year, categorize them and post some of my favorites. However, two weeks were spent helping my daughter with their move and the newborn’s arrival; More than a week to get myself barely off chiropractor’s visits; Another week of sneezing and coughing. It was a bumpy holiday for me and I hope to get back to my routine soon.

I browsed the photos I took in the last two years and looked at them with my fresh eyes. Then, I either re-did post-processing or I added a bit of drama to them, for my own entertainment and hope for you, too.  Dramatic is not my style, but for the sake of changes, I go for it sometimes.


My library tells me that flower is still my number one favorite among all the categories. Some of the pictures have been posted in the past, but they did not look the same as I posted today.

To me, the fun of post-processing is not only to bring creativity to a different level. I can also cater the look according to the current state of my mind. Most of the time, I like everything understated, subdued and dreamy, but every once in a while, I want them to be bold, colorful, and dramatic.It is only through photography that we get to have the fun to play. Whatever you want and however you like it to be.


Just one more example of pushing it to the next notch. The small twig was down to its life end and frozen solid. The day was chilly and gloomy. It was the reality, but why not boost the spirit and make the ice shine?  When the background ‘appears’ snowing, the foreground is suddenly highlighted and focused. How wonderful our life will be if we can always get a little boost from somewhere and make us a bright day when we need it?

I like to take candid pictures of little children. No posing, no cheesy smiles, No staging. In old days, a camera is a luxury and that makes a studio family portrait a significant event. It should not be the case anymore nowadays when digital cameras can do so much for you.  However, I see people are still longing for studio shots, I believe, it is a desire for perfection. Light is pre-set, attire is mindfully arranged, and that intentional smile of a second…

Absolutely Candid
To me, nothing is as precious as the innocence and purity of a child. The binoculars were in the right direction, but her eyes were closed. I laughed and laughed whenever I came back to view this photo.
Just Found
I took my own pictures for a self-portrait project two years ago, but I have never noticed that I actually have this one in my library. It was the first time when I tried to use an external flash. I wanted the background to be black, but it turned out to be navy. I did not do any post-processing in Lightroom or Photoshop. Light seems to be just right except that there is no depth from the portrait photography point of view. I should place the light in a different location and have it come through at an angle to cast some shadow on my face now I am thinking about it. I am posting it to set myself a benchmark to further improve.
Needle Point
Take a tack-sharp photo. I have heard this over and over, but most of the time, I was either too much in a hurry or I was looking for that dreamy look. I tend to like shallow depth of field even for flowers. How did I snap this one at Butchart Garden with all petals this sharp, I had no idea. Patience came to me at that moment, I guess.
Princess in the Dream
Water drops adorn the tulip-like crystals that decorate the satin dress of the princess. How I always like that blurry background!   If not for the background, this star won’t pop in the foreground. People tend to applaud the one in the spotlight, but I appreciate more those in the dimmed background.
Poppy Floats
Love to shoot poppies from all angles. The straight front view of the flowers is dramatic, but the curves and shapes of the side views seem to attract me more. A bit of painterly look makes them less realistic and more dreamy as I prefer, at this moment.
I like to take sharp pictures, but I won’t give up dreaming. And, I am still learning how to manipulate my paintbrush. Hopefully, my inspiration will kick in whenever I need it in the coming year.
I wish you ALL an outstanding holiday, a promising new beginning, and a New Year flowing with bliss, hope, and joy.

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