Chasing Fog

Ever since I found the charm in fog, winter does not seem to be a drag for me anymore.  It is a bit challenging to get out and shoot a few in a subzero temperature, but desire usually overcomes all.
The shot that I have always in mind is the layers of mountain ranges vaguely hidden in the cloud or the fog floating among the foothills. And the best is if I can be above the cloud and observe the majestic mountain peaks. I did have a few above-cloud experiences, but I was not equipped with a DSLR then and I was shooting without any basic knowledge about photography.  Below is one of the above-cloud images taken at Haleakala in Kula, Hawaii. I simply ‘framed’ a picture without thinking about ‘composition’. But, that above-the-world experience impressed me, forever.
Not much an adventurer, I desire and yet expect any dramatic images either. Just being able to capture that dreamy look behind the reality, I am happy enough and myself entertained. As simple as a row of trees would hook me there for a good half hour in spite of misty rain and chilly temperature. And, I come back here more than once. When love is formed, at first sight, it seems to persist, longer.
On a solo photo walk, I ran into a lady who was heavily shielded from weather like me and had a DSLR in her hand. When we came across, she mentioned something like “The fog has made this place out-of-the-world”. Exactly that, I was there. We ended up chatting. She has a whole load of family responsibilities but she was utilizing a few hours of freedom to pursue her hobby. She was there before me and still there when I left. She was my inspiration for the day.
The surroundings are the winter destitute. The reflection looks lifeless. But the distant trees in the fog soften the bareness and the monotone. My eyes kept pointing me to the subjects veiled in the fog. How I love fog.
Unexpected in this cold chill, I spotted this heron standing by the edge of the pond. As I moved forward, he flew away. I did not have enough time to set my shutter speed right and he disappeared. My few attempts ended up with some blurry shots. I have enough heron images, but I have not given up wanting that BEST shot. While I was ready to walk out of the area, I saw something on the top of the broken steam that does not seem to belong there… It was too far to get a good eyeshot, but I was chasing fog, not the heron. Heron is good, but I was looking at the foggy background.
I live in the tree country. Would I get tired of shooting trees? No. Never. I think I have taken lots of landscape pictures. Trees are all-inclusive, but they are not what I called tree images. Perhaps I should begin to shoot trees, a very common subject but in great varieties of species and they look different in various seasons and environments. Nothing dramatic, but I just love the ambiance.

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