Speaking of Ducks and Birds

While all the Ducks fans were giddy up to watch the championship game, I was taking my photo walk to watch the real ducks playing in the pond. I heard that Oregon Ducks have changed their uniform colors again, and this time is White and Gray.  I am proud of the Ducks, but I am no football fan to speak anything about them. But this color matter does bother me. A logo and its color represent a team and its identity. I don’t understand why the colors have been altered so liberally.
the runner in UO green and yellow shirt

I am speculating that whoever chose Green and Yellow colors for Oregon Ducks originated his idea from the mylar ducks which are the dominating duck inhabitants in Eugene.  Personally I think Green is a must for Oregon, the timber state. For dramatic contrast, Yellow is a good match.  

where the green and yellow come from

As the Ducks were claiming their continuous victory and receiving national fame, I started to see Black and White uniforms which, I think, they need some variety and black and white are the best contrast for an uniform. Besides, black and white are still authentic duck colors.

Then, at the game with Arizona, I was shocked by their Pink outfit though it was meant for the calling of cancer awareness. Uniform is not a costume. You just don’t change it whenever you feel like it. Oregon lost this game to Arizona. Of course, it has nothing to do with the pink color, but superstitiously, I think so.  Again, Ducks lost to Ohio State when they changed their uniform colors to White and Gray. What a coincidence.

Our Ducks are outstanding. However, I still would rather stroll along the pond than sitting in front of the TV or pounding the floor and yelling your lungs out at the stadium. It is just a game, but the emotion can be so high that you are feeling life and death at times.

puffy and fuzzy

From distance (beyond the lense I have in hand), I saw two puffy heads swimming and could not tell what they are. I have seen many kinds of ducks, but not these ones. They look like the babies of some water fowls. Not far from them, I discovered the black and white head guy. His distinguished color and outlook caught my eyes. The moment when his mouth was open, I snapped the shot. Not until the picture was downloaded, I did not realize that he was catching his prey, a baby fish.

fatal attraction

As it turned out, the puffys are the mommies, i.e. the female. Why God made males more stunning looking than females in animal kingdom, I have no clue. Males are stronger and if they are the target of fatal attraction, they can lead the enemies away and in turn, protect their females?  Hmm…It is not written in the Bible, I am just guessing.

I have taken many heron pictures but I am still trying to get that best shot. This guy was about 10 feet from me. I dare not breathe, just pull the trigger continuously.  This may be the closest shot that I ever had.  A few herons have chosen here for home. They are here all year around. I suspect that the last Ducks uniform colors was from them, White and Gray.
my ‘closest’ pal

Just the other day, I was chatting with a friend about how common the sparrows are. They can be pests when they are flocking on the ground picking your bread crumbs. But you would love them when they open their lungs and sing for you earnestly. I also took lots of sparrow pictures because I am always looking for that perfect shot regardless. Every once a while, I captured one that I really like. Male and female sparrows look alike, hard to tell. I say it is a she. She just flew in and graciously posed for a shot. Sparrows taught me not to overlook the Everyday and Common stuff. This world is full of surprises.

common and not

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