Spring Is Here in Willamette Valley, Woohoo!

Said to drift along and tossed the anchor whenever and wherever, and I did exactly that in the past week. I have to admit that without my Wednesday regular blog post, I feel odd and have urge to pick up my pen again. I don’t like pressure, but the relief after pressure is amazingly fulfilling.
I began to feel the boredom because I am confined inside a box where a certain blog format and content exist. Searching a break-through point, but I have no clue what that will be and when I will reach that point. Bear with me while I am roaming without aiming specific targets. Life is a working progress and the happenings are within the journey.

Lantern Rose, Magenta Blush

Believe or not, spring is here, in February! I am seeing soft green buds everywhere and some flowers have popped to breathe in the cozy air. Just when I was thinking to do some rainy day photo projects, that lovely sunshine sneaked into my window and dwelled on the breakfast table.

Sunny Day, dream
Finally finished my yearbook 2014 under the gun just before the groupon expired. It is so enjoyable to flip through the pages of a yearbook and I know, it will become even more precious in another 20 years when I won’t both to haul heavy camera equipment and just want to sit around and think about good old days… Looking for ‘stuff’ around the house to shoot some stills, this porcelain bowl was found, the first porcelain piece that I did with my daughter Laura, a memorable piece for me. 
Vacation Day, relax
Flower is no doubt my most favorite subject. Often times I crawled on the ground to get the best focused image I can, but end of the day, I still like the soft look better. Lantern roses (Hellebore) are gorgeous, but they grow with faces down and it is hard to photograph them. I thought it looks interesting to display the flower in three sections. Imagine they are displayed in three picture frames on your wall.
Lantern Rose, Spotted Lotus, framed
It is this early spring lifted my spirit and prompted me to get out of the house… I saw a small herd of animals running ahead of a four wheeler. Thought they were cows at first, but cows do not run as fast. OMG. They are sheep, the tamed and soft looking animals who are usually lying down on the grass and now ‘galloping’ in front of me. Fun.

Spring March

From what I read, sheep usually give birth to their babies in spring between March-April when the green grass starts to grow and mothers are provided abundant food to produce their milk. Now spring comes early and we see the early arrival of the lambs as well.


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