Shade of Purple

It was a sunny day. Immediately when I was done with my morning chores, I grabbed my camera and out of the door.  Road work was in progress. I had to make two detours before I arrived at my destination. Sky was a dramatic blue and maybe a bit too bright. I hastily pulled my camera out of the bag and turned it on. ‘No card’ was shown on my camera screen. My heart sank a second and lifted. I had a spare card.

I smiled to myself, hey, I am always so organized and so prepared. Maybe not. ‘Card full’ popped up when I inserted the spare card into the camera. Impossible.  But, what the heck. I can just format the card, so I did.  Still ‘Card Full’. I made three attempts, not working. It is a Canon sd card but quality is not the same as camera?! I had good luck trusting brands, but not this one. I packed up and went home. How can I not to shoot something in such an awesome weather? How did I so screw up and miss the golden hour completely? I know I will feel guilty all day if I don’t do something about it.

Sun is sneaking into the house. Outside was a freezing 37 degree with wind, but inside is cozy and soothing.  I was still tired from a birthday gathering couple days ago. There is no easy way to make Chinese dishes for dozen guests. It took me more than half day to do the preparation for the six dishes that I served. However, I am happy that I got the family together, and even better, I snapped a shot of my granddaughter.

My Favorite Girl in my favorite Purple

She is the most funny girl I know not mentioning how expressive she is being less than two years old and how she amazed me in so many ways. She was running and in backlight condition, I was not quick enough to have flash ready. Her face is not as sharp as I like it to be,  but the streak of sunlight coming through from the left side gives a tint of gradient that softened the image. I feel her soft face is actually in tune with the soft tone.

I am no longer a world traveller and never been an outdoor adventurer. I neither can make myself a travel photographer to share ‘Around the World’ images nor can I share unique and dramatic shots that a daunting spirit and fearless soul can accomplish. In a day like this, I missed outdoor opportunities, so I shoot around the house.

Lantern Rose was the first one blooming in my yard while Daphne is also taking off. These two beautiful flowers are truly deer resistant. I don’t know what God had in mind that He let deer eat almost anything in our neighborhood except beautiful flowers (Rhododendron is also one of them).

Natural Daphne Purple

Eternal Fragrant Daphne blossoms are very tiny and they grow in clusters. This dainty flower is white with purplish magenta color trims. Very similar to African violets, the petals look iridescent in the light up close .

Illuminated Purple

We are surrounded by the trees and we like to leave the windows case free and no draperies. I also have been trying to minimize home decor items in order that I don’t have to spend time dusting around the house (more time for photography:-)  Now I want some interesting background and we have only solid color walls. For alternative, I used a poster with the similar rosy and sage green color as backdrop. The mocha couch, the copper etched piece, sage green and the understated rosy color seem to compliment one another. I bent the rule of thirds to place the flower in the center but then I purposely left the white from the poster and I had frame placed slightly in an angle to break the matrix.

Blush of Purple

Just a few shades of purple, surely not 52 shades of g…..

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