On Tulip Magnolia Project

When it is a sunny day, have to make use of sunrise or sunset light.  Grab the camera. When it is an overcast day, good ambiance, don’t miss out, shoot something. When it is a rainy day, water droplets are everywhere, time to take some close-up shots… My days seem to get shorter.
Ever since our tulip magnolia tree bloomed last week, I have been trying to figure out how to shoot this flower. The pink blossom is huge. The saucer shape petals look gorgeous up in the air. When I bring them down and look up close, the curved petals look sculptured and nice.  But it is very thick and rubbery. Outside is a gradient pink. Inside is white. The Center is very simple, with no intricate details like other smaller flowers. I made several attempts for some close-up shots, but I like none of them.
The flowers are growing in clusters. It is hard to pick a focal point without involving in the ‘clutters’ around it.  People walking by often adore this tree, and I’ve challenged myself to come up with some decent shots, but these are all I have so far:
Somehow this picture reminds me of the old TV soap opera, ‘Three’s Company’ broadcast in the ’80s, by John Ritter and Joyce Dewitt. Life is good when we have a circle of friends who bring us forever laughter. Laugh till you are in tears. I love that experience.
A day of rain brought down tons of loose petals and that reminds me of the classic Chinese novel, ‘Dream of Red Mansions’ (紅樓夢), a tragic love story between Lin Daiyu (林黛玉) and Jia Baoyu (賈寶玉). Daiyu is one fragile and sentimental girl who wrote a poem to mourn the withered flowers.
This cluster of flowers is way up there embracing the sunshine. Background bokeh and translucent flower petals look interesting. I added a texture with a frame and it looks like a glass block people used in the bathroom where the fancy spa tub is. How would you like to have your bathroom windows replaced with this glass brick with flower prints embedded?
In heavy fog, I discovered a perfect background for our tree. Deep pink on the pale pink plum tree is awesome.  While I could not perceive much from the whole tree, I found this small-batch attractive. They stand out because of the plum tree in the background.

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