Hearst Castle – nightly show

Chinese has an old saying, 失之桑隅,收之東隅. This means, that if we lose something on one end, we will pick something else on the other end. I came to photograph a blue pool in vain, but I ended up walking through the 20’s time channel and enjoyed something completely unexpected…
My heart sank when I walked up to the entrance steps and discovered Neptune Pool did not have a single drop of water! I came to photograph the pool. The blue from the pool, the white from the columns, and the green from the forest behind the scene have been in my mind since I visited the castle more than 20 years ago. My dream scene vanished the moment when I was finally here and ready to take pictures. Money is not all-powerful, but because we’ve purchased the night tour, I thought, well, might as well make good use of it.
Majestic overlook
Hearst Castle is nestled in a sea of trees. It is romantically beautiful at dusk. Unfortunately, I could only snap some shots when the tour guide was not bugging me to stay with the group. Besides, no flash or tripod is allowed. I was struggling with my settings as we walked around the castle. The light condition varies from one spot to the other, and even more deadly, from outside to inside, and from one room to the other.
Leisure in luxury
I am posting these pictures thinking you might be like me, have not been there for decades, or have not been there at all. It is a place definitely worth visiting.  I don’t care for the ornate decoration of most of the castles, but I love the location and surroundings of Hearst Castle. I enjoyed the exteriors more than the interiors.
Heavenly location
It is a breath-taking scenery around the castle looking down and afar. The back end is mountains and the front end is the ocean. Imagine what kind of masterpieces will come out of an artist if this is where he/she is inspired? The reality is, that most artists do not have such luxury. And, I now wonder if anything would be created if life is beyond just a comfort level.  When money talks, there is no soul. When the stomach is overly spoiled, there is no art. Am I just here murmuring or do you also agree with me?
A musing spot
Looking beyond the windows
I can enjoy a tidy garden with some sculptured and colored pieces. Excessive wood or marble carving, sculpturing, and painting can be choking, and that’s what most of the castles  or  palaces look 
Show a bit of architecture
like inside. I intended to avoid heavy tapestries, woodcarvings, stoneworks, crystal chandeliers, and embroideries, but I found the onsite in-style (20’s) people are amusing. They wore 20’s apparel, dwelled in various rooms, and lived the Then lifestyle. I felt that I was walking into the 20’s channel and actually observed their daily lives.
Rich housewives in high society
He was reading an authentic old newspaper.
A fair lady
Feather, Fur and simply dressed up for Fun
Cigar, suit and vintage antique type writer
Script discussion in the library
Time to go home, old boy (a reading from her face)
If I were still dwelling on the blue pool, I would not take time to observe these people and these images would not be taken and I would carry on my disappointment to the end. Now I am amused and I hope you are, too.

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