Rainbow on Earth – tulip colors

Who will ever be tired of beautiful colors? Certainly not me. This is one reason that I have been going back to Wooden Shoe tulip farm year after year.  I thought I would be bored with the same flowers and presentations,  but I seemed to always discover something new from where I stand, where the light source lands, different angle of view and my promptu point of view. To me, it is almost like a treasure hunt.
I usually have something pre-visualized, but as I walk along the path, something else seems so often to pop up that I put behind what I had in mind and pursued my new found. Some concept that I did not care for it previously, it jumped out and caught my eyes this time.
Tango in Breeze
The small sea of colors is like rainbow on earth. Red has never been my favorite color. However, after I downloaded my pictures this time, I saw Red tones all over my computer screen. What’s up with that? Don’t ask me. I was tempted by its passion, I guess.
Drunken Rainbow
Either it is crack of the dawn with cozy sunlight combing through, or it is in the middle of the day with bright light, the rainbow is there. The bevy of the colors is in display. Red and Pink are dominating colors, and the multitude of them just take your breath away.
Passion Road
Pink Lady Lane
So many flowers, so many colors. After hours of walking, sitting and focusing, I was longing for fresh air and aiming for something simpler. Weather has been fantastic in the last couple of weeks, the moment just a bit past sunrise, it is bright and light is harsh. I found lots of SINGLE opportunities, but the contrast light has ruined lots of my shots. 
My Hidding Place
Blue sky is the best natural background for the flowers. I must have shot hundreds last year letting blue sky embraced my flowers. I either kneeled down or simply sat on the dirt ground.
Sky is my Home
I love to texture flower images. At the same time, I think I should let the natural beauty unveiled itself. Just to try one for fun. Texturing is so addicting that you can go on and on and it still leads you to no end. I thought I was drawn to Red color this time, but as you can see, I have eventually found my true self in the textured version.  Art is a form that authors choose to unveil themselves. This is my conclusion.
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