I like to write and I will always do. Particularly now I have my own photography to illustrate my stories. Cool, Fun, Great, I thoroughly enjoyed my endeavour. Nevertheless I have locked myself in front of computer too hard and too long in the last two years. I need to spare myself more time to be re-charged, and more time to be out exploring and clicking my shutters.

Mother’s Day is only 4 days away. I want to take this opportunity to wish all Mothers a wonderful Sunday enjoying good time with your families and friends. Like this beautiful columbine, mothers wrap around her children in multifold, to love and to protect them, unconditionally. Mother is one of God’s most miraculous creation, don’t you think?

 “If I can ever write enough to praise you, Mom”
Instead of writing weekly articles, I am inclined to post more pictures with short descriptions unless I am sometimes inspired and compelled to write more. Pictures excel thousand words. I believe visual is more exciting than reading, less time consuming and give you more sense of satisfaction.
After two years plus with Blogger.com which has provided me an easy start, I decided that I want to experiment other blogging site and wordpress.com is my choice. In spite of the switch, I am still keeping this site for possible future development. 
Below is my new blog site. I just began to learn the software and gradually build it brick by brick. It is another journey, but fun is in the process and I know I will be ‘more-educated’ in the end.

Photography by Chris Kilpatrick


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