It’s a Bird day

Birds and flowers are my favorite photography subjects. The varieties of both species are absolutely startling. The individual features and intricate details can be mind-boggling. I often wondered if any of the botanists and ornithologists has ever mastered the knowledge of all the birds and flowers in the universe.

Rain drops started to beat on my windshield when I began to get on the freeway. Had a quick glance at the weather forecast and knew occasional thunderstorms and rain are coming to where Oregon Garden is located. Not looking good. A quick decision was made, I got off the freeway and instead headed for Owen Garden here in Eugene. However, I was in the wrong lane and forced to go forward instead of turning left. It did not seem that I was meant to go to either of the places, so I drove to Delta Pond.

I was there earlier in the year. Planned to take some fog shots, but the fog was so dense that I could not turn out anything interesting. Delta Pond is primarily a duck pond. I know ducks and geese will be there, and if I am lucky, I may see herons and egrets. I dreamed to see Cedar Waxwings again, but I have not run into them since that unexpected encounter two years ago.

Delta Pond
Delta Pond

If I don’t find anything else other than ducks, I at least get to enjoy the pond. An overcast day is not glorious but is a good day for photography. It is not bad at all to be able to take some landscape shots within 15 minutes drive. I am here to expect the ‘Unexpected’. And,….. check out how many kinds of birds I ended up seeing within my hour walk.

Scrub Jays are around throughout the year, but they act briskly and it isn’t all that easy to get a clear shot;  Grosbeaks come to our feeder every year, male and female. A Male is a coward. They often chased their female away from the food. But he runs for his life as soon as he senses the movement from inside the house; I have seen other thrush, but certainly not this one who was hiding in the branches; The taupe color bird has distinctive eyes, but I have not been able to identify him without seeing the back; Heron is not uncommon. I was only about 10 feet from him and he did not move at all… (place the cursor on the image to reveal the name)

Many bird photographers like to take big birds in flight or in motion, but I like to find small birds and capture them wherever their natural habitats are. I think the combination of my curiosity and bird’s mystery has formed an addiction in me. The excitement of unfolding the secret in Nature is unspeakable.

Eugene people are very proud of the Ducks football team (University of Oregon). Ducks in the pond, not so much. I saw at least half a dozen of the duck’s families. Both moms and pops were leading and chaperoning the babies or at least moms were. Who does not like babies? I tried to take their family portrait, but Canadian goose Dad was getting really fisty towards me. I respect his honorable gesture to protect his family.

From distance, I saw some black fluffy spots on the floating pond plants. They seemed too big to be worms, but too small to be any birds either. Up-close I found about a dozen of ducklings swimming and hunting food on their own. I have never seen this before. They are working diligently and swiftly. The graphic of the scene is simply entertaining. I hope you are amused, too.

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