A Taste of Palouse

I heard about Palouse a couple years ago. As far as I know, it is a world-renown photography spot where photographers make their regular visits year after year. The images of colorful rolling hills have been always in my mind. We went all the way to see the rolling hills in the Tuscany region in Italy, why not this place at home?  As first-time visitors, we intended it as our scouting trip. With some popular locations included, we planned to simply roam on small country roads and took pictures as we were inspired to click the shutter.

The area has 4000 square miles of beautiful and colorful farmland. The hills are rolling and wrapping around just like potter’s handwork. As the roads wind and turn, the colors and layers instantly change and a new scene is formed.  I felt like riding in a Disney wonderland, pampered by the soft paint brushes (spring soft green) and wowed by the dramatic change of the scenery. I was so blown away by the landscape that I did not know exactly where to start. We were told that some professionals come here 3-5 times a year and they incorporate aerial photography, too.

Our primary goal for this trip is to know the area and explore interesting spots.  We tried to get up early to catch sunrise shots, but we had not been able to succeed. Once the sun rises, it brightens the entire region almost instantly. Most of the time we are shooting in bright daylight and I sometimes shoot when our car is moving. The place is so picturesque and there are so many interesting spots for photography. I can see myself staying in one small area and shooting for hours or a full day.  I brought home my first attempt of hundreds of shots and grabbed a few here to share.

Not only rolling hills, there are numerous wild birds flying in the air, on electric wires, and also hiding in the trees. We have forgotten our binoculars at home. Hearing all these bird calls and songs, I was so tempted that I felt restless. I wanted to shoot birds, but my humble 300mm did not do justice. Luckily, my husband’s 500 mm lens captured quite a few bird shots including two of my dream birds, i.e. Cedar Waxing and American Kestrel.

Why travel abroad to see rolling hills when we have such a treasure at home? Palouse is certainly one place that we want to go back to many more times.

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