Oregon’s Swiss Alps – Wallowa Mountains

It was a nice surprise to see snow cap on Wallow mountain range this time of the year. White snow and cloud add much drama to the scene. There is a good reason that people call Wallow mountains Oregon’s Swiss Alps.

In Willamette Valley sheep are so commonly seen gazing in the field, but this is definitely the first time when I saw the shepherd blowing his whistle and the sheep dog ‘commanding’ the herd to move forward and eat in a different section of the grass.  It will be better if the shepherd boy was not so far away from the scene and I could have him included in the picture.

Joseph is a small gem in eastern Oregon, named after Indian chief Joseph. The spectacular Wallows mountains are the distinctive backdrop for this gem like town, and the vast green carpet gives you breath-taking refreshment and absolute relaxation. Around town, there are numerous handsome horses erecting on grass and artisan copper sculptures standing on street corners. Horses seem to be well nourished here and they look particularly distinctive in this secluded environment. Joseph residents are proud of where they are. See what the sign says, “This little town is heaven to us. Don’t drive like thru hell.

This is my 3rd visit here and I am still charmed by it.


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