Inspiration of the Day

I have often asked myself why I like to take flower pictures so much. Aside from the fact that flowers are pretty and colorful; I can texture flower shots to bring in more artistic flare, I know there is something else that intrigues me with that endless desire to photograph them.

I bought this flowering plant two years ago and did not bother to remember its name. I only make sure that it will flower and provide me photography subject (as you can imagine). The plant is growing very slowly.  More leaves and longer stems, but no flowers last year. Then, the moment when I noticed the flower buds about 10 days ago, they seemed to develop fairly quickly. As of today, they are in full bloom. 

Had a glance at it, my husband said it is surely beautiful in color, but it looks like a bottle brush. He is exactly right. This is Callistemon citrinus, a common name as ‘Bottle Brush’. This ‘brush’ is showy from distance, when I looked close, I was attracted to it. The color is stunning and the pink delicate needles with the touch of yellow on the tips are just beautiful. I was shooting the flowers from all angles and inside out.  The display of natural growth is miraculous.

Photographing flowers makes me to respect our Creator and adore the wonder that He has created, makes me want to be a botanist, and I, being the grower, am inspired by the things I grow. The thought of these makes me humble and peaceful.

I looked at each image and wrote down the captions as my train of thoughts wandered: Fiesta, Fanfare, ‘Yarn of Life’, Confetti, and Fancy Brush.

If I just enjoy this flower as a pretty brush, I may not crawl down on the ground to take pictures for hours. Because I spent my time with it, I then got to appreciate its details and its hidden beauty. Fiesta makes me think of Celebration, Fireworks and July the 4th. Fanfare reminds me of the adornment behind a crowned chair, a royal and majestic presentation. Confetti simply makes me smile from the heart and feel like in cloud nine.

And, check out the rolls of ‘yarns’ that were yearning for life. The ‘Yarns’ were gradually become ‘Needles’ and the needles bring us the sea of joy and the spirit for celebration.

I have often given myself a challenge, make common uncommon.  Come up with a good flower image regardless of how common or ordinary the flower looks. Flowers are all beautiful depending how we present them to the eyes of the beholders. 

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