Where am I?


It has been a long day sitting on the tour bus and being engaged in ‘mobile photography’ (shooting through the window when the bus is in motion). I am really not that dedicated photographer who travels and hikes to the remote ends of the world to capture dramatic natural wonders. Up to this point, I am merely an occasional photographer who shoots when travel opportunities arise. 

Still, the lake with reflection is beautiful and peaceful. I have not done many reflection shots. This lake is one of the high points of our trip. I managed to get out of the hotel room at 5:30am shortly after sunrise. The lake was stunning. I took pictures from many angles, just to show you one sample here.


Glacier is one nature wonder. To appreciate snow caps on mountain tops from distance is quite different from stepping on the actual glacier field to observe this geological evolution. Global warming has caused glacier to diminish gradually. The deepest section of this glacier is 300 km. Image that. Never been a big fan of waterfall shots, but I have a special reason to post this image. I am using this image to illustrate the height of the waterfall and the depth of the canyon. This canyon was formed after the glacier disappeared.  I am afraid of height. It is a challenge for me to move close to the fence and look down, but I did it, for the love of photography.

From time to time, we were warned of bears in some countryside, but the chances of actually seeing a bear are rare.  However, this statement does not apply in this country. I actually spotted one grizzly bear walking along a path in a thriving forest when I happened to look down the valley. I did not yell because at one second I could not believe my eyes and when I was certain, our bus had left the spot.

Later we did see all together 5 black bears on three different occasions. In all three times, I had my short lens on and was not fast enough to change the lens. When this 5th bear suddenly showed up, I used my short lens to aim at my best. Not too bad, I thought. I finally capture a bear’s front view,not just a small black dot of its tail end.

I bet you have guessed where I am right now after seeing these four pictures. However, I still like to keep the answer till I post more pictures next time.

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