Global Warming – diminishing glaciers

Somehow wary about global warming, but I have not felt as hard as I do now. The world is transforming and turning upside down as far as the climate goes.  The weather in my town has been always about 10 degrees colder than where my siblings live in California, but it is not the case this year. We have 80+ here while they have 70+ down in S. California.

It is not my first trip to the Canadian Rockies, but it is the first time when I really appreciate and enjoy Glaciers. Columbia Icefield on Pacific Icefield parkway feeds seven large and small glaciers with a depth between 90-300 km (about 56-186 miles). As far as I know, based on the rate of current global temperature changes, the glacier field we step on now will gradually diminish and possibly vanish in the next 300-400 years. That means, one day this Columbia Icefield will become a historical term. With this in mind, I found myself snapping shots right and left.

Viewed from distance:

On glacier floor:

We walked up to the front end of the field from parking lot when we visited here last. This time we took a massive snow truck with jumbo wheels and glass top to go up to a higher level and were able to view the field from various angles. Snow truck went up and down through extremely steep hills, that was a bit scaring but very exciting.

You may have been here or may not. My intention is to share with you what I was experienced on and around a major glacier in case you have not made it here. I tried to keep all images in their natural state to portrait the reality, not to pursue beautiful images.

Glaciers highlight and enhance rock mountains. While our climate is changing, I wonder what our mountain range landscape will be like going forward, without the whites.

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