Stay Cool

I shot this picture on a bright summer day. I tried to avoid harsh light and ended up shooting something in the deep shade. I love Lotus flowers, but I don’t have a big house with a pond. The image is very flat, almost lifeless, but I like the plant so much that I thought I will figure out a way to bring it to life sometime.


When I got into my car yesterday around 3:40pm, the temperature was 107… As I am writing now, the temperature is gradually going up. I am longing for cool air, a breeze, or just a splash of water. It is interesting how your mood impacts your work. I hope this supposedly ‘revived’ image releases some heat from you  (if you are like me, enduring extremely hot weather). I added several textures, filters,s and one preset with some tweaking. The present comes in handy when I have a list of chores to do and cannot spend hours entertaining myself.

Below is the original image:


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