My fireworks


Lavender scabiosa seems to be more commonly seen. When I spotted the tag of a starter being deep red, I did not hesitate to bring it home. The flower starts with pale rose color buds which gradually turn burgundy and goes deeper and deeper till it becomes dark red.  As flower petals develop, white pins also prosper. The contrast between deep red and pure white is so striking that I cannot take my eyes off it. I did not go out to shoot fireworks to celebrate July the 4th this year, I went to Civil War Re-Enactment. I did not grow up in this country, but the event often touches my heart imaging how people fought for difference and freedom early on to provide us the good life today.

Thinking of fireworks, I decided to shoot this flower straight up. Don’t these flowers and buds resonate with the exhibition of the fireworks in the air? (Of course, I had to add some textures as I am so addicted to it.)


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