Country Fair – a fantasy world

This is the 46th Country Fair. I’ve lived in Oregon for 21 years. But this is my first visit to Country Fair. I have heard enough about this fair, regardless what other people’s interest are, I am here for photography.

As our car was pulling into the parking lot (it is a hay field, no cement), we were welcomed by many friendly and (uniquely) dressed-up crew. In a glance, I feel like entering a fantasyland. I was overwhelmed. and drowned in the pool of fantasy, nature, mystery, varieties, and weirdness. Wish I have a broader vocabulary to describe it all. If you want to me to pick only two words,  I say “Nature and Freedom”.

Here you can have a style of your own. You can do whatever you want to present yourself as long as there is no hazard and safety issues to endanger others. The environment is utterly naturally and down to earth. I have never tried to study this culture and will not. I just want to enjoy what I saw and share what, I think, is appropriate for the public.

This is a large scale of Costume party. Some of them I can barely give it a name. So I decided not to caption any and lead them to your imagination. It is eventually fantasy (if we take commercial and monetary elements out of the equation). Fairies, skinny sumos, or ‘Dances with the wolf’… take your pick.

The Stilts

The Humor

Store Front

The Music and the Stage

Like I said, it is a world of fantasy and I was dazzled in the crowd. I surely did not come to the occasion like the other photographer did, all dressed up.  This drum store drew my mind in floating like the drums. I thought to snap a shot and walk away, but my phantom was impressed on the mirror inside the store. I don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but I have decided to leave a mark on this mirror and remind myself that ‘I have been here’.

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