Morning Glory

Finally I have a two-day weekend open that I can spend some time to go through my pictures. It is a supreme day – sunny but mild; breezy and fresh.  It is a bit work to move my large monitor to the patio table, but I did. I cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful day that God has made. Besides, I still have tons of pictures that I have to go through.

Computer is set up. Fountain is on. Breeze is combing through. Birds are coming to fetch their food. I said to myself. It is the morning for some computer work, don’t be distracted by birds. I made my effort to ignore my favorite Nuthatch drinking in the fountain and Hummingbird sucking nectar from the fuchsia. However, sooner when I sat down, I noticed my scabiosa was drenched in the sunshine… I resisted and resisted, and I gave in. It was irresistible… Sorry, photos, you can wait…

Musing in the Sun
Morning Glory

In most of the cases, we want the pictures turn out to be clear and sharp.  When comes to nature, I am, personally, not sure if sharpness automatically justifies the quality of the photo. I love to shoot landscape with fog, smoke or anything dream-like.  I think that is the reason that I like this image.

Secret Garden
Secret Garden

When this image was shown on my computer, the tune of ‘Adagio‘ (from the movie Secret Garden) came to mind and I began to hum. My mind wandered into the garden and lost in the maze.  I purposely added a bit of texture to compensate the color tone that I could not accomplish in the location where the picture was taken.  I also chose a texture with frame to illustrate what I had in mind – inside a garden.


If you have read or followed my blogs from my old Blogger site, you know I am a dreamer. Instead of sharp needles, these blurry needles shimmering  in the sun excite and soothe my soul. Sunshine made the needles pop and also created a blank background. That gives me a chance to use texture.

This flower (not birds) has taken my half (plus) day away. The complete Secret Garden soundtrack is now playing in my computer, try the link if you are longing for a pleasing afternoon like I do. 

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