Biking for a Cause

The American spirit is at work. People are aggressively participating in this fundraising event for MS patients. The family was wheeling their MS family patients around with love and care. I would have enjoyed a quiet and relaxing Saturday at home, but I chose to volunteer at the event. It ended up a close to a 15-hour day for me and in a high 103 degrees temperature. But I am glad that I did.

On the photography side, I did not do as well as last year though I had the chance to shoot in the countryside. Taking panning shots without a tripod is a bit of a challenge and worst of all, forgot to have the Stabilizer off the entire time, OMG.

About 650 bikes were attending this event. I was shooting no stop and the perpetual traffic kept flowing in. Light condition on the start/finish line has never been ideal not to mention the subjects vary so much and so rapidly. And, the background is a cluttered mess (vendor booths, cheerleaders, and all sorts of volunteers). In a few attempts, I’d made up my mind that I was here to record an event, picture quality is less a concern on the occasion.

Below image was taken in a park surrounded by trees. No tripod was used, but at least the green background is pleasing and the atmosphere relaxing. I really have to set myself a goal to use a tripod more often, in fact, I should use it at all times.


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