Treasure in the Junkyard


Without coming to the junkyard, I had no clue how severe a car wreck can be.  Looking at the crashed windshields, the distorted vehicle bodies, and the out-of-placed doors and seats, I wondered how many lives have been taken from these vandalized vehicles. I have been there myself and gratefully that God wants me to live a bit longer.

It was my first experience shooting at a junkyard. There are so many small and large subjects to shoot from, I can see myself standing in one area and shooting for hours. I had to admit that I was overwhelmed at first. But as I walked around, I gradually got a hang of it. Just shoot whatever popped up in front of you, I figured.

Art in the Wreck
Art in the Wreck

I found this piece of art from a severely damaged purplish blue vehicle. The orange spots are the rusts already shown. I sincerely wish the owner of this car survived and thanks to her (I believe) to provide me this nice subject.

Imagine that your beautiful car was wrecked and in the junkyard for years. It gets all rusted and the rust was peeling. Maybe in a little while, the junkyard management will remove it from here and send it to a  scrap yard to utilize its surplus value. To me, it appears to be a nice piece of texture with nice tonal coloration, chocolate, honey, and latte.

Honey Chips on Chocolate

Feeling like having a cup of chilled latte on this hot day now? It is supposed to be junk, but not. When you let imagination flows, it goes wherever you want to be. Reality is not always pretty, but you can have your sweet dreams if you desire.

I have shot many flowers and birds, it is a good switch to go industrial. I would not touch any of them at home and I know nothing about the mechanism, but I like them as images.

Have visited too many glamorous cathedrals and churches? I found my church window in the junkyard through the wheel rims. It is not your fancy stained glass, but in my mind it is as beautiful as one. Take your mind off the wreck and think beauty and peace as you can experience in the church.

Church window and Stained Glass, not quite
Through ‘Church’ Window

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and made possible through the state of your mind. I have found lots of treasure in the debris and thought to share a few with you. Great if you are having your blessed day. If not, trust me, we can always find our treasure (happiness) somewhere if you look hard enough and look through different angle-of- views. Happiness does not occur naturally, we have to find it. Do you agree?


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