Sea and Sun

Surely glad that sunrise time is now past 6:00am and my sweet dream won’t be interrupted…


Viewing sunrise from a cruise ship is a pleasure. Sea has no boundary. Sky has no end. Clouds in motion add drama and yet in all, still a scene of tranquility. What a great opening to a delighted morning!


Every day is a new day. One moment differs from the other.  I believe every small segment of time has a meaning of its own.  I was late one morning and the sun has gone down the horizon. I love the golden lines on the water (in fact, it’s golden orange as you see), but the water was too calm to make it a picture. I heard my heart beat when this sailboat suddenly showed up in the scene and the raft attached to the boat churned and rippled the water…

Two different mornings, about the same time, and guess what? I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy every moment of my life. Wouldn’t you?

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