Super moon lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

This is a once-in 18 years phenomenon and I waited six decades to witness it. Though I have seen the images somewhere else, it is not the same as when I actually took the pictures myself. Moon is super, but my images are not. It was my first experiment with minimum equipment and know-how. I am happy because I finally see it with my own eyes. ‘Elipse’ is no longer just a word that I learned from textbooks or news media. My childish excitement evolved when infinite Imagination finally meets virtual Reality.

the beginning

We found an open spot on nearby farmland. First try. I was nervous and not yet prepared when the moon quietly rose above the treeline. I snapped blindly and got the above image. The sky was hazy and I did not really know how to make it better, plus, I was only using my 300mm, quite a bit short than what I could have achieved. We waited patiently and the moon was getting brighter and brighter, and I was surprised to see a red moon in my live view window. I have to say however the actual color of the moon is more orange-red than the deeper red that comes out of the camera.

the end

In case you missed out on this phenomenon… I am sure you can see much better pictures from other sources, but I think I share mine anyway.

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