Autumn Colors – September in Oregon

This is an awesome year here in the Northwest to enjoy gorgeous weather. September is so beautiful and comfortable that the words like ‘good life’, ‘it’s heaven’, and ‘oh, I love Oregon.’ have been in my mind.


At the beginning of the spring, I could not wait for the flowers to bloom. Summer came early and the extra heat burst a wholesome flowering season. However, contrarily this is the year that I take the least flower pictures.  I watched them come and go while I was busy engaging in all sorts of activities. I like to live life to do everything just right, but it seems never to be the case.


Oregon has distinct four seasons. September has the perfect temperature. The combination of a little bit of cozy sunshine, a little bit of tender breeze, and a little bit of chill has placed me in such a comfort zone that I have not been productive as I like to be.


Driving down the street, I realized that some tree leaves have started their fall cycle and the colors are transforming as September is coming to an end.

Fall colors are too vibrant and vivid to resist in this 3000 feet elevation area. With the natural forest as background, the color drama really takes your breath away.  I know I could have stayed here all day long and taken hundreds of pictures, but after 4-5 hours of hiking and photographing, it was due to take a break.

I should have used a tripod for these pictures, but I forgot the plate at home… not bad, I at least used the tripod as my walking stick while climbing up and down in steep areas.


My husband does not eat mushrooms. He said he does not want to eat fungus. I think he missed out on delicious food with good nutrition value.  He likes blue cheese dressing but I think it tastes moldy and unbearable. What’s the difference between fungus and mole? I think it is something called ‘cultural difference’. Or, you would rather say, it is personal.

In any case, I think this golden mushroom looks completely ‘delicious’ and ‘yummy’ from the photography point of view. I think they will look more beautiful with some ambient light shining through. But it was a cloudy day and I am happy enough that I found them.


When I was designing handbags, we had one collection named Aspen which happens to be my favorite collection. The material used for this collection is an off-white color with tonal color embroidery. Since then Aspen and Birch have become my favorite trees. Whenever I walk in the woods, the white color tree trunk seems to always jump out at me.

Colors everywhere. I was stopping almost every step of the way. Believe it or not, I came here to take waterfall pictures, but I ended up lost in colors. You can understand why.

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