Soaring in the Rain


Something special about egrets that I have not got tired of taking their pictures. I like their slender and tall silhouette and the snow feather.  When they stand up, they look like an elegant prince or princess. When they puff up their feather, they look like naughty kiddos. When they find their prey, they are like aggressive fishmen. Among all, I am loving this one.

The bird is in its perfect flying position with the head going straight forward and the wings wide open. The peak, head and neck form a nice sculpture while the wings portrait motion. I wish I was quick and skilled enough to setup my camera and capture ‘two birds in one stone’ (one snap, two subjects). How do I illustrate what I saw and what I had in mind? This is when the texture comes to play. Texture helps me to get my point across, to tell a story.



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