Tropical Escape


Chinese has a saying that can be paraphrased as, when you are calm internally, you feel the breeze externally. If you believe in this natural therapy,  it would work for you. On hot summer days, I THINK SNOW. On this cool autumn day, I have my eyes set on this picture I took in Mexico back in August.  The gloomy winter weather in Willamette Valley can be discouraging, but you can find your inner tropical escape.

Something about this picture keeps taking me back to revisit. The fine lines of the chairs, the finely wood-paneled floor, and the reflected shadows are like pencil drawings, lightweight, natural and original.

In this lofty and bright dining room, the man was enjoying his lunch and solitude. The waiter was on stand-by to wait on his single guest. Toasty sunlight was combing through the ocean afar, the palms by the swimming pool, the manicured lawn, the thin cast iron chairs and shed a few inside the room. It is calm, cozy, and comfy.

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