Autumn, Frosty, Moody

Living in the Northwest, I am really spoiled with good weather. I have very little tolerance for excessive chill or heat. The outdoor temperature was 20-22.  It took me an hour before I finally had my heavy coat and gloves on and stepped out of my comfort zone.

The ground was frozen hard and yet hollow after the moisture is shrunk. The leaves were coated with shimmering ‘crystals’ and deadly silent below the frost. Maple leaves are mostly down the ground lifeless, but the unique shape and colors still stand out. I can sit on the ground focusing on maple leaves all day long, but my frozen fingers begged me to quit.

Images with gorgeous lighting are supreme, but I don’t get depressed on overcast days. Contrarily I love that silent, soft and surreal feel. Earth tones are ‘All Natural’ and All Made in Heaven. Don’t you love them?

If you ask me, “what’s the weather like in your area?”, I have a couple of images to voice for me.  

It was cold, but not too extreme.  Thin frost, slight wind and frozen fog. I am crazy about the fog. It fogged heavily a few days ago, but the road was so icy that I had no guts to get down the hill. I had my car dancing on ice for a few seconds before shooting down the hill once before and that was enough experience for me.

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