When the Nature sings…

Gushing wind. Piercing Chill. I’d geared up early in the morning with a stocking cap and heavy gloves, but the sun did not even come up the horizon. I refused to settle with my disappointment. Staying around for a bit longer, I unexpectedly had my first encounter with the action-packed Oregon Coast.

The soft pastel sky was charming. I thought it would gradually be turning into a stunning sunrise, but that did not happen. However, it was in high tide schedule and the dramatic waves just kept pouring in and pounding the beach. At some point, I had to run for my life when the waves almost drenched my feet.

It was gloomy, not your good photography day, but I thought I shared with you the power of ocean weaves. Oregon is rich in nature. Peaceful and beautiful are what I have in mind prior to witnessing the churning sea. Even the waterfalls are roaring and screaming at the world.

Ocean makes peace in me, excites me, and also humbles me. I wonder why I have not come here more often to capture the scene. This is just my little taste of Oregon Coast and I truly fell in love with it.

2 thoughts on “When the Nature sings…

  1. From your photos, I believe that Oregon coast is worth to spend more time to view and appreciate God’s creation. It is breathtaking to see nature wonders. Let’s stick to the exploration in nature in our Oregon tour.

  2. It was a nice surprise for me to visit this section of the coast in a day with high wind and high tide warnings.

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