Season’s Greetings to You ALL

A toast to you and your family. Wish you the very best Christmas and New Year to come !!!


It’s now the time to take Christmas Light pictures. The cold and wet weather has kept me out of the streets. I enjoyed staying home and just shooting around our Christmas tree.

Our grandchildren are coming for Christmas, I made some extra effort to decorate the tree. I also added extra strings of lights considering that I will take pictures using them as my light source.

I had a nostalgic time going over the ornaments I accumulated throughout the years…


This gift box ornament is only about 1″x3″. I bought a set of four from Walgreens more than 20 years ago for $1.00. They came in two shapes (square and rectangular) and 4 colors: green, gold, silver, and blue. I hang them on our tree year after year and I like them as much as when I got them in the beginning. They are not from an upscale Christmas store and barely cost anything, but they are timeless and meaningful to me.

When my new neighbor moved in a couple of years after we did, I made an attempt (being the introvert) to express my ‘welcome to the neighborhood’. I brought a small box of Euphoria chocolate (Eugene’s best) and knocked on their door. The wife, a very shy lady, opened the door slightly (just wide enough for me to pass my chocolate box through the door). She bowed and said thank you repeatedly, but she did not ask me to go in.


I briefly greeted her and left.  Later I saw her a few times outside the house, but we did not make any connection for a couple of months.


Two days before Christmas, I heard a soft door knock and it was her. She brought me a nicely wrapped box and inside was this drum with See’s chocolates inside. Ice was broken and we became good neighbors each other. My grandson wanted this drum, but I want to keep it for myself. It represents a relationship between two bashful Asian women.

Estonia was simply a geographic term for me three years ago. When I finally had a chance to have a quick visit there, I was very impressed with their arts and crafts. The handwork on painted eggs, dolls, and all sorts of cases is duly amazing. I spent hours and hours finally picking out a bag of painted eggs, dolls, and jewelry cases for gifts. Unfortunately, the bag had never left the store.


I must have put the bag down to look at something else and just left the store without it. The receipt was inside the bag, I could never find my way back to that store among hundreds of them in that popular tourist location. Not only that, I did not sense the bag was missing until we’d gone back to the cruise ship. This egg from a different store made it home with me, the only survivor.

I’d grabbed these cute little dolls at the last-minute gift shop just before I boarded the ship. If I knew then that I’d lost my bag, I would try to shop more… I bought them with my two grandkids in mind, but now they suddenly become my precious keepsakes.


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